Session 63. Equine breeding systems

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Theatre Session

State of the art in equine reproduction techniques
invited K. Smits, J. Govaere and A. Van Soom

Developmental origins of health and diseases in horses: proof of concept and significance
invited P. Chavatte-Palmer, E. Derisoud and M. Robles

Importance of strong data base systems in the study of genetic characteristics in horses
M. Wobbe, K.F. Stock, F. Reinhardt and R. Reents

Validation of breeding applications for sport horses based on linear profiling across age groups
K.F. Stock, I. Workel, A. Hahn and W. Schulze-Schleppinghoff

Genetic parameters between ages for jumping ponies using a structured antedependence model
H. Crichan, L. Arrialh, M. Sabbagh and A. Ricard

Potential of inbreeding depression in morphological traits of the Pura Raza Español horse
D.I. Perdomo-González, J. Poyato-Bonilla, M.J. Sánchez-Guerrero, J. Casellas, A. Molina and M. Valera

Genomics to identify genetic variants for semen quality traits of fresh and frozen-thawed semen
T. Greiser, G. Martinsson, M. Gottschalk, H. Sieme and O. Distl

Mitochondrial DNA haplotypes in the population of Bosnian mountain horse
M. Mesaric, A. Dolinsek, M. Cotman, T. Pokorn, M. Zorc, J. Ogorevc and P. Dovc

Poster Session

A proposal to optimize the linear score system in the Arab Horse in Spain
M. Arcos, J.P. Gutiérrez, A. Molina, M. Valera and I. Cervantes

Heritability of coat colour parameters in Old Kladruber horses
B. Hofmanova, L. Vostry, H. Vostra-Vydrova and I. Majzlik

Genetic variability within the Murgese horse inferred from genealogical data: an update study
G. Bramante, G. Carchedi, E. Pieragostini and E. Ciani

Phenotypic differences of the Sokólski mares in distinct regions of Poland
G.M. Polak