Session 65. Free communications Genomic prediction and GWAS

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Theatre Session

Changes in genomic predictions by ssGBLUP when using different core animals in the APY algorithm
I. Misztal, S. Tsuruta, I. Pocrnic and D. Lourenco

Genomic prediction with missing pedigrees in single-step GBLUP for production traits in US Holstein
Y. Masuda, S. Tsuruta, E. Nicolazzi and I. Misztal

Genomic prediction of a binary trait using a threshold model
J. Ten Napel, I. Stranden, M. Taskinen, J. Vandenplas, R.F. Veerkamp and K. Matilainen

Exploring different strategies to implement a weighted single-step GBLUP in Belgian Blue beef cattle
J.L. Gualdron Duarte, A.S. Gori, X. Hubin, C. Charlier and T. Druet

A diagonal preconditioner for solving single-step SNPBLUP efficiently
J. Vandenplas, M.P.L. Calus, H. Eding and C. Vuik

Effect of fitting a genotypic mean μg on bias and accuracy of single-step genomic prediction
T.K. Belay, S. Eikje, A. Gjuvsland and T. Meuwissen

Computation of many relationships between metafounders replacing phantom parents
M.P.L. Calus and J. Vandenplas

The impact of non-additive effects on the genetic correlation between populations
P. Duenk and J.H.J. Van Der Werf

GWAS for genotype by lactation stage interaction for milk production
H. Lu and H. Bovenhuis

Genome-wide association study for leg disorders in Austrian Braunvieh and Fleckvieh
B. Kosińska-Selbi, T. Suchocki, M. Frąszczak, C.H. Egger-Danner, H. Schwarzenbacher and J. Szyda

Sequence-based genome-wide association study of milk mid-infrared wavenumbers in dairy cattle
K. Tiplady, T. Lopdell, E. Reynolds, R. Sherlock, M. Keehan, T. Johnson, J. Pryce, H. Blair, S. Davis, M. Littlejohn, D. Garrick, R. Spelman and B. Harris

Genome-wide association for metabolic adaptation in early lactation dairy cows
M. Salamone, H. Atashi, M. Salavati, J. De Koster, M.A. Crowe, G. Opsomer and M. Hostens

Genome-wide association for metabolic adaptations early in lactation Holstein cows
H. Atashi, M. Salavati, J. De Koster, M.A. Crowe, G. Opsomer and M. Hostens

TheSNPpitGroup – managing large scale genotyping data in Open Source
E. Groeneveld, H. Schwarzenbacher, J. McEwan, F. Seefried, M. Jafarikia, P. Von Rohr and J. Jakobsen

Poster Session

Weighting genomic relationship matrix by simulated annealing
M. Martín De Hijas-Villalba, L. Varona, J.L. Noguera, N. Ibañez-Escriche, J.P. Rosas and J. Casellas

EMABG 2.0 – European master in animal breeding and genetics
G. Mészáros, J. Sölkner, T. Heams, I. Laissy, H. Simianer, E. Strandberg, A.M. Johansson, H. Komen, D. Lont, G. Klementsdal and P. Berg

Prediction of genomic breeding values in Montana Tropical Composite cattle using single-step GBLUP
L. Grigoletto, L.F. Brito, H.R. Oliveira, J.P. Eler, F. Baldi and J.B. Ferraz