Session 66. Impact of new precision phenotyping technologies on animal breeding (in collaboration with GplusE)

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Theatre Session

The use of novel phenotyping technologies in animal breeding
invited H. Bovenhuis

Precision phenotyping using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy for expensive-to-measure traits
F. Tiezzi, H. Toledo-Alvarado, G. Bittante and A. Cecchinato

Towards a genomic evaluation of cheese-making traits including candidate SNP in Montbéliarde cows
M.P. Sanchez, T. Tribout, V. Wolf, M. El Jabri, N. Gaudillière, S. Fritz, C. Laithier, A. Delacroix-Buchet, M. Brochard and D. Boichard

Feed efficiency: the next step in animal breeding
J.J. Bouwmeester-Vosman, P. Van Goor, E.C. Verduijn, C. Van Der Linde and G. De Jong

Genetic parameters for environmental traits in Australian dairy cattle
C.M. Richardson, T.T.T. Nguyen, M. Abdelsayed, B.G. Cocks, L. Marett, B. Wales and J.E. Pryce

Development of a NIRS method to assess the digestive ability in growing pigs
E. Labussière, P. Ganier, A. Condé, E. Janvier and J. Van Milgen

Keeping up with a healthy milk fatty acid profile require selection
M. Kargo, L. Hein, N.A. Poulsen and A.J. Buitenhuis

New phenotypes from milk MIR spectra: challenges to obtain reliable predictions
C. Grelet, P. Dardenne, H. Soyeurt, A. Vanlierde, J.A. Fernandez, N. Gengler and F. Dehareng

Zootechnical parameters added to the milk MIR spectra as predictive value to estimate CH4 emissions
A. Vanlierde, F. Dehareng, N. Gengler, E. Froidmont, S. McParland, M. Kreuzer, M. Bell, P. Lund, C. Martin, B. Kuhla and H. Soyeurt

Potential use of MIR spectra in the prediction of hoof disorders in Holstein Friesians
A. Mineur, E.C. Verduijn, H.M. Knijn, G. De Jong, H. Soyeurt, C. Grelet and N. Gengler

Validation of the prediction of body weight from dairy cow characteristics and milk MIR spectra
H. Soyeurt, E. Froidmont, I. Dufrasne, Z. Wang, N. Gengler, F. Dehareng, GplusE Consortium and C. Grelet

Chromosome regions affecting MIR spectra indirect predictors of cheese-making properties in cattle
R.R. Mota, H. Hammami, S. Vanderick, S. Naderi, N. Gengler and GplusE Consortium

Using milk MIR spectra to identify candidate genes associated with climate-smart traits in cattle
H. Hammami, R.R. Mota, S. Vanderick, S. Naderi, C. Bastin, N. Gengler and GplusE Consortium

Poster Session

Using of spectral global H distance improves the accuracy of milk MIR based predictions
L. Zhang, C.F. Li, F. Dehareng, C. Grelet, F. Colinet, N. Gengler and H. Soyeurt

Including the scapula width from CT-scans improves selection accuracy for sow longevity
Ø. Nordbø