Session 67. Impact of environmental challenges and consumer demands on cattle response traits and farming systems

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Theatre Session

How to inform dairy farmers and breeding companies about breeding values in practice
invited M.L. Van Pelt, J.J. Vosman-Bouwmeester and G. De Jong

Derivation of economic values for German dairy breeds
C. Schmidtmann, M. Kargo, J. Ettema, D. Hinrichs and G. Thaller

Impact of multiple ovulation and embryo transfer on genetic gain and diversity in dairy cattle
A.-C. Doublet, G. Restoux, S. Fritz, A. Michenet, C. Hozé, D. Laloë and P. Croiseau

How does Holstein cattle in Switzerland react to heat stress?
B. Bapst, M. Bohlouli, S. König and K. Brügemann

Heat stress and productivity in lactating Vietnamese household dairy cows
invited B.N. Nguyen, J.B. Gaughan, C.V. Nguyen, H.T. Nguyen, T.X. Nguyen, K.D. Nguyen, B.J. Hayes, R. Lyons and D.M. McNeill

Impact of heat stress on weights, weight gain and fertility in the local breed ‘Rotes Hoehenvieh’
K. Halli, K. Brügemann, M. Bohlouli and S. König

Influence of ambient temperature-humidity index on sperm motility in Holstein bulls
A.M. Livernois, A. Canovas, S. Miller, F.S. Schenkel and B.A. Mallard

Emission and mitigation of greenhouse gases from dairy farms: the cow, the manure and the field
invited M.A. Wattiaux, M.E. Uddin, P. Letelier, R.D. Jackson and R.A. Larson

Comparative study on production traits between dual-purpose and dairy breeds in South Tyrol
I. Poulopoulou, C. Lambertz and M. Gauly

Consumer acceptance and willingness to pay for cow housing systems in eight EU countries
M. Waldrop and J. Roosen

Explored and unexplored topics in mountain livestock farming scientific literature
A. Zuliani, G. Arsenos, A. Bernués, G. Cozzi, P. Dovc, M. Gauly, Ø. Holand, B. Martin, C. Morgan-Davies, M.K. Schneider and W. Zollitsch

Livestock farming systems and the French society: key controversies
E.D. Delanoue

Artificial grass increases dairy cows’ walking speed
S. Buijs and D. McConnell

Poster Session

The new EAAP across commissions working group on mountain livestock farming
A. Zuliani, G. Arsenos, A. Bernués, G. Cozzi, P. Dovc, M. Gauly, Ø. Holand, B. Martin, C. Morgan-Davies, M.K. Schneider and W. Zollitsch

Understanding maternal behaviour of cattle to optimize calving management and ensure animal welfare
M.V. Rørvang, B.L. Nielsen, M.S. Herskin and M.B. Jensen

Different techniques to determine the sperm concentration in an artificial insemination center
E. Henrotte, C. Latour, C. Bertozzi and C. Boccart

The good practices in artificial insemination: straw handling and its consequences on semen quality
E. Henrotte, C. Latour, C. Bertozzi and C. Boccart

Performance and oxidative status of beef cows facing short nutritional challenges during lactation
I. Casasús, K. Orquera, J.R. Bertolín, J. Ferrer and M. Blanco

Effects of isoquinolene alkaloids on antioxidative status and inflammation of dairy cows
H. Scholz, A. Ahrens and D. Weber

Effect of breed type in grass-fed production systems
G. Scaglia

Peri-implantational subnutrition decreases dam IGF-1, but does not impair fertility in suckled cows
A. Sanz, A. Noya, J.A. Rodríguez-Sánchez and I. Casasús

Effects of pasture grazing on growth performance and physicochemical traits in Hanwoo
J.S. Jung, K.C. Choi, B.R. Choi and W.H. Kim

Development and structural change of dairy farms sector in Province of Vojvodina
D. Kučević, S. Trivunović, M. Plavšić, D. Janković, L.J. Štrbac and M. Radinović

Influence of temperature-humidity relations during year on milk production and quality
M. Klopčič