Session 68. Sustainable pig production systems (part II)

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Theatre Session

Cooling of fattening pigs during warm thermal conditions improves behaviour and environment
A.-C. Olsson, K.-H. Jeppsson and A. Nasirahmadi

Is immunocastration a reliable and sustainable alternative for pig production?
K. Kress, U. Weiler, M. Čandek-Potokar, N. Batorek Lukač, M. Škrlep and V. Stefanski

Protein requirements in finishing immunocastrated male pigs
E. Labussière, L. Brossard and V. Stefanski

Effect of diet and castration method on sensory meat quality
M. Aluwé, S. Millet and A. Van Den Broeke

Characterisation of adipose tissue in immunocastrated pigs
K. Poklukar, M. Čandek-Potokar, N. Batorek Lukač, M. Vrecl Fazarinc, G. Fazarinc, K. Kress, U. Weiler, V. Stefanski and M. Škrlep

Towards the valorisation of pork with boar taint
L.Y. Hemeryck, J. Wauters, L. Dewulf, A.I. Decloedt, M. Aluwé, S. De Smet, I. Fraeye and L. Vanhaecke

Sensory meat quality differences for crossbred offspring of different terminal sire lines
E. Kowalski, E. Vossen, M. Aluwé, S. Millet and S. De Smet

Regulatory genes and pathways influencing FE traits in Norwegian Landrace pigs fed fibre-rich diet
A. Skugor, L.T. Mydland, W.M. Rauw and M. Øverland

Molecular drivers of the phosphorus homeostasis in pigs
H. Reyer, M. Oster, D. Wittenburg, E. Muráni, S. Ponsuksili and K. Wimmers

Feed efficiency × diet interaction on acorns vs a commercial diet in Iberian pigs
W.M. Rauw, L.A. García Cortés, F. Gómez Carballar, J.M. García Casco, E. De La Serna Fito and L. Gomez-Raya

Intensively manipulated silage to growing pigs – influence on nutrient utilization and behaviour
M. Presto Åkerfeldt

Rotational grazing for organic pregnant sows: a mechanism to reduce feed consumption
A. Roinsard, F. Maupertuis, C. Gain and P. Pierre

Evaluating pen-allocation strategies for uniform weights in finishing pigs estimating age at 120 kg
J.A.N. Filipe, E.F. Knol, R.H. Vogelzang and I. Kyriazakis

Poster Session

Comparing meat quality of entire male, immunocastrated and surgically castrated pigs
K. Poklukar, M. Škrlep, N. Batorek Lukač, M. Vrecl Fazarinc, G. Fazarinc, K. Kress, U. Weiler, V. Stefanski and M. Čandek-Potokar