Session 69. inValuable: lessons and results from the Danish insect value chain (part II)

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Theatre Session

Specifications and return of investment for an automated production of insects
J. Fynbo, J.L. Andersen and M. Ebbesen Nielsen

Processing: lessons with mealworms
S. Hvid, A.L. Dannesboe Nielsen, S. Mikkelsen, L.H. Lau Heckmann and J. Hinge

Nutritional evaluation by PDCAAS and DIAAS of insect protein in rats and pigs
J.V. Nørgaard, L.D. Jensen, R. Miklos, T.K. Dalsgaard, N. Malla, N. Roos and L.H. Heckmann

Characteristics and functionality of different Tenebrio nutrients
S. Hvid, A.L. Dannesboe Nielsen, L.H. Lau Heckmann and N. Roos

The role of edible insects in sustainable healthy human diets
N. Roos, N. Malla and L.H.L. Heckmann

Tenebrio applications and sensory qualities in processed foods
S. Hvid, A.L. Dannesboe Nielsen, L.H. Heckmann, M. Holse, N. Roos and M. Bom Frøst

European consumer acceptance of insects as food and feed: key findings and considerations
J.A. House