Session 70. Feed efficiency and enteric methane emission of cattle

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Theatre Session

Feed efficiency and methane emissions in dairy cattle: animal, herd and population considerations
P.C. Garnsworthy

Restricting feed intake of inefficient lactating cows affects feed efficiency and methane emissions
A. Fischer, N. Edouard and P. Faverdin

Comparing feed efficiency in Italian Holstein Friesian heifers, lactating cows and bulls
F. Omodei Zorini, R. Finocchiaro, M. Cassandro, G. Savoini, E. Olzi and G. Invernizzi

Reliability of genomic prediction for feed and residual feed intake in Holstein cows
D. Gordo, C. Manzanillap-Pech, G. Su, M. Lund and J. Lassen

Sequence-based GWAS on feed efficiency and carcass traits in French Charolais bulls
S. Taussat, R. Saintilan, A. Michenet, S. Fritz, C. Hoze, E. Venot, P. Martin, D. Krauss, D. Maupetit and G. Renand

Transcriptomics analysis of key metabolic tissues to identify regulatory patterns of feed efficiency
H.Z. Sun, K. Zhao, M. Zhou, Y. Chen and L.L. Guan

Metagenomic analysis indicates an association of rumen microbial genes with appetite in beef cattle
J. Lima, M.D. Auffret, R.D. Stewart, R.J. Dewhurst, C.-A. Duthie, T.J. Snelling, A.W. Walker, T.C. Freeman, M. Watson and R. Roehe

Searching for low methane dairy cows
P.J. Moate, S.R. Williams, L.C. Marett, J.B. Garner, J.L. Jacobs, M.C. Hannah, J.E. Pryce, W.J. Wales and C.M. Richardson

Enteric methane emission of dairy cows on practical farms
L. Koning and L.B. Šebek

Association between exhaled methane concentration and concentrate composition and rumination in cows
J. Rey, R. Atxaerandio, E. Ugarte, O. González-Recio, A. Garcia-Rodriguez and I. Goiri

Predictive capabilities of a dynamic mechanistic model of in vitro fermentation by rumen microbiota
R. Muñoz-Tamayo, A.S. Atzori, A. Cannas, F. Masoero, S. Giger-Reverdin, D. Sauvant and A. Gallo

Rumen microbiome to predict methane emissions from cattle
L. Zetouni, M.K. Hess, R. Brauning, H. Henry, T. Van Stijn, A. McCulloch, J. Budel, J.C. McEwan, H. Flay, M. Camara and S.J. Rowe

Multi-trait genomic prediction of methane emission in Danish Holstein
C.I.V. Manzanillap-Pech, P. Løvendahl, D. Gordo and J. Lassen

Animal breeding as a mitigation tool for enteric methane emissions of dairy cattle
Y. De Haas, G. De Jong, R. Van Der Linde and E.P.C. Koenen

Poster Session

Digestibility of OM during the grazing period and the winter feeding conditions in suckler cows
H. Scholz, P. Kühne and G. Heckenberger

The effect of grass and maize silage ratio on milk and methane production of lactating dairy cows
M. Lamminen, C.F. Børsting, A.L. Frydendahl Hellwing and P. Lund

Feed efficiency and blood immune system indicators in Nellore beef cows
S.F.M. Bonilha, A.C.A.R. Paz, M.E.Z. Mercadante, J.N.S.G. Cyrillo, R.C. Canesin and R.H. Branco

Organic rose veal meat: an environmentally friendly alternative for beef meat production?
A. Mertens, V. Decruyenaere, M. Mathot, A.-M. Faux and D. Stilmant

Changes of nutritive value by mixing ratio of Korean native forages in paddy field
B.R. Choi, T.Y. Hwang, J.S. Jung, G.J. Choi and W.H. Kim

Effect of garlic-citrus based additive on in vitro rumen methanogenesis and abundance of microbes
J. Jeyanathan, B. Vlaeminck, O. Riede, C.J. Newbold and V. Fievez

Effects of nutritionally improved straw in dairy cow diets at two starch concentrations
M.E. Hanlon, J.M. Moorby, H. McConochie and A. Foskolos

Effect of cicer milkvetch on invitro digestion, methane production and microbial protein synthesis
B.M. Kelln, J.J. McKinnon, G.B. Penner, T.A. McAllister, S.N. Acharya, A.M. Saleem, B. Biligetu and H.A. Lardner

Role of TGFB1 as key regulator of feed efficiency in beef cattle
J.B.S. Ferraz, P.A. Alexandre, L.R. Porto-Neto, A. Reverter and H. Fukumasu

Carcass composition is linked to residual feed intake level in crossbreed growing bulls
S. Lerch, J.L. Oberson, P. Silacci and I. Morel

Breed effect on the rumen microbiome and its association with feed efficiency in beef cattle
F. Li, T. Hitch, Y. Chen, C. Creevey and L.L. Guan

Relationships between feed efficiency, live weight and faecal composition of Italian Holstein cows
G. Carlino, G. Niero, F. Cendron, F. Omodei Zorini, R. Finocchiaro, G. Invernizzi, G. Savoini and M. Cassandro

Effects of enzymes feed additives on beef cattle performance
C.J. Härter, M.C. Tamiozzo, L.S. Monteiro and J.M. Santos Neto

Feed efficiency of dairy cattle in an urbanizing environment – insights from Bangalore, India
M. Reichenbach, A. Pinto, S. König, P.K. Malik and E. Schlecht