Session 71. Limits in production growth – on level of cow and farm and industry (ADSA-EAAP seminar)

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Theatre Session

Opportunities to improve the productive potential of dairy cattle from conception through calving
invited M.E. Van Amburgh and R.A. Molano

Why dry or why not? – pros and cons of shortening or omitting the dry period for cow and calf health
invited A. Van Knegsel, B. Kemp and A. Kok

Effect of dry period length on culling and pregnancy in the subsequent lactation of dairy cattle
P. Pattamanont, M.I. Marcondes and A. De Vries

Calf and young stock management practices on 189 Flemish dairy farms
S.A. Curial, L. Vandaele and K. Goossens

Dairy farms and cows 50 years in the future
invited J.H. Britt

Relation between the prevalence of claw lesions in Flemish dairies and the perception of the farmers
B. Nivelle, S. Van Beirendonck, J. Van Thielen, J. Buyse and B. Driessen

Physiological limits of milk production in dairy cows
invited J.J. Gross and R.M. Bruckmaier

Initial and residual sward height on high stocking rate dairy grazing system on a farmlet desing
G. Ortega, P. Chilibroste and Y. Lopez

Poster Session

Utilizing dairy farmers’ stated and realized preferences in AI bull selection
E.M. Paakala, D. Martín-Collado, A. Mäki-Tanila and J. Juga

Ingestive behaviour of Holstein cows grazing fescue managed at different defoliation intensities
G. Menegazzi, P.Y. Giles, M. Oborsky, T.C. Genro, D.A. Mattiauda and P. Chilibroste

Effect of early lactation milking frequency on peak milk yield and persistency of milk production
J.O. Lehmann, L. Mogensen and T. Kristensen

Does prostaglandin F2α induce ovulation in the absence of corpora lutea in cattle?
L. Chaufard, Z. Dehghani Madiseh, F. Fatahnia and D.M.W. Barrett

Productive performance and profiles of metabolic parameters of Holstein Friesian and Normand cows
A. Oxiley, L. Astigarraga, C. Loza, D. Rico and E. Jorge-Smeding

Effect of a blend of B vitamins on performance of milking cows
J. Leloup, A. Budan, M. Devine and J. Eouzan

Genetic and non-genetic characteristics of milk yield and milk composition of Holsteins in Tunisia 65
M. Khalifa, M. Khalifa, A. Hamrouni and M. Djemali

Deficiencies and potentials of dairy bulls testing in Tunisia
A. Arjoune, A. Hamrouni, M. Khalifa and M. Djemali