Session 72. Agroecological approaches in livestock farming systems

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Theatre Session

Understanding the role of livestock farming systems in agroecological transitions
R. Ripoll-Bosch and B. Dumont

A new technical referencing system for organic rabbit farming in France: first results
T. Gidenne, L. Fortun-Lamothe, A. Roinsard, J.P. Goby, M. Cormouls and D. Savietto

Agroecological practice on Flemish beef farms: a closer look at integrated animal health management
L. Tessier, J. Bijttebier, F. Marchand and P.V. Baret

Nematode control on French sheep farms: farmer’s practices and knowledge
M. Sautier, A. Somera, J.M. Astruc and P. Jacquiet

A method combining sociological and biotechnological approaches to study agroecological transitions
G. Brunschwig, A. Mondiere, A. Jarousse, P. Cayre and J.P. Goron

Use of ecological network to analyse how interactions drive performance in mixed livestock farms
L. Steinmetz, P. Veysset, M. Benoit, C. Troquier and B. Dumont

What have been the advantages of mixed livestock farming systems under past prices and policies?
C. Mosnier, C. Verdier and Z. Diakité

Agronomic and economic interest of straw-manure exchanges between crop and livestock farms
E. Thiery, G. Brunschwig, P. Veysset and C. Mosnier

Relationships between cattle grazing, soil microbiology and nutrients cycle in highland pastures
S. Raniolo, A. Squartini, M. Ramanzin and E. Sturaro

Using phenotypic distribution models to predict livestock performance
M. Lozano-Jaramillo, J. Bastiaansen, T. Dessie, S. Alemu and H. Komen

Several pathways of agroecological transitions for agropastoral systems
C.H. Moulin, M. Jouven, J. Lasseur, M. Napoléone, E. Vall and A. Vidal

Addressing territorial resources to foster agroecological transitions in livestock farming systems
V. Thenard, G. Martel, M. Moraine and J.P. Choisis

Poster Session

Reducing competition in crop-livestock-forest integrated system by thinning eucalyptus trees
J.R.M. Pezzopane, W.L. Bonani, C. Bosi, E.L.F. Rocha, A.C.C. Bernardi, P.P.A. Oliveira and A.F. Pedroso

Importance of Vlashko Vitoroga sheep in agroecological farming regarding food quality and landscape
M. Savic, S. Vuckovic, M. Baltic, Z. Becskei, R. Trailovic and V. Dimitrijevic

Grazing frequency using goats to control Salsola ibérica scrub in rangelands of northern Mexico
E. Ruiz-Martinez, O. Angel-García, V. Contreras-Villarreal, C.A. Meza Herrera, F.G. Véliz-Deras, J.L. Morales-Cruz and L.R. Gaytán-Alemán

Agroecological evaluation of four production systems in very dry tropical forest in Colombia
A. Conde-Pulgarin, C.P. Alvarez-Ochoa, R. Frias-Navarro and D.E. Rodriguez-Robayo