Session 73. Free communications animal nutrition

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Theatre Session

Dietary zinc:copper ratios and net postprandial portal appearance of these minerals in pigs
D. Bueno Dalto, I. Audet and J.J. Matte

Nutritional evaluation of feeding lambs different supplementary dietary levels of Morenga dry leaves
A.Y.M.A.N. Hassan

A general method to relate feed intake and body mass across individuals and species
J.A.N. Filipe, M. Piles, W.M. Rauw and I. Kyriazakis

A meta-analysis assessing the bacterial inoculation of corn silage over 37-years period
C.H.S. Rabelo, A. Bernardi, C.J. Härter, A.W.L. Silva and R.A. Reis

The effect of hemp and Camelina cake feeding on the fatty acid composition of duck muscles
invited R. Juodka, V. Juskiene, R. Juska, R. Leikus, R. Nainiene and D. Stankeviciene

Defining a management goal that maximizes the intake rate in palisadegrass
G.F. Silva Neto, J. Bindelle, J. Rossetto, P.A. Nunes, Í.M. Monteiro, R. Becker, J.V. Savian, G.D. Farias, R.T. Schons, E.A. Laca and P.C.F. Carvalho

Introducing Lupinus spp. seeds in Churra da Terra Quente lambs diets and its effect on growth
M. Almeida, A. Nunes, S. Garcia-Santos, C. Guedes, S. Silva and L. Ferreira

The effect of introduction of Lupinus spp. seeds in diets on lamb eating behaviour
M. Almeida, A. Nunes, S. Garcia-Santos, C. Guedes, L. Ferreira, G. Stilwell and S. Silva

Productivity and feeding behaviour of finishing pigs fed with a calming herbal extract
M. Fornós, E. Jiménez-Moreno, J. Gasa, V. Rodríguez-Estévez and D. Carrión

Reliability of genomic predictions for feed efficiency traits based on different pig lines
A. Aliakbari, E. Delpuech, Y. Labrune, J. Riquet and H. Gilbert

The effect of protein and salt level on performance and faecal consistency in weanling piglets
S. Millet, B. Ampe and M.D. Tokach

Semen and sperm quality parameters of Potchefstroom koekoek cockerels fed dietary Moringa oleifera l
A. Sebola

Poster Session

The effect of lactic acid bacteria inoculation or molasses on the fermentation quality and nutritive
M. Abbasi, Y. Rouzbehan, J. Rezaei and S.E. Jacobsen

Impact of varying levels of liquid fermented potato hash diets on growth performance of weaned pigs
R.S. Thomas, R.T. Netshirovha, B.D. Nkosi, P. Sebothoma, F.V. Ramukhithi, Z.C. Raphalalani and O.G. Makgothi

The determination of antioxidant activity and content of polyphenols in grape pomace
R. Kolláthová, B. Gálik, M. Juráček, D. Bíro, M. Šimko, M. Rolinec, E. Ivanišová, O. Hanušovský and P. Vašeková

Effect of lysine level at late gestation on body condition and reproductive performances in sows
S. Seoane, J.M. Lorenzo, P. González, L. Pérez-Ciria and M.A. Latorre

Effect of low-fibre sunflower meal and phytase on broiler chicks’ performance and meat quality
D. Grigore, G. Ciurescu, M. Hăbeanu, S. Mironeasa, M. Iuga and N. Băbeanu

Linseed oil supplementation affects IGF1 expression in turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)
K. Szalai, K. Tempfli, E. Zsédely and Á. Bali Papp

Antioxidant effects of phytogenic herbal mixtures additives used in chicken feed on meat quality
Ż. Zdanowska-Sąsiadek, K. Damaziak, M. Michalczuk, A. Jóźwik, J. Horbańczuk, N. Strzałkowska, D. Róg, W. Grzybek, K. Jasińska, K. Kordos, K. Kosińska, M. Łagoda and J. Marchewka

Influence of overfeeding duration and intensity on health and behaviour indicators measured in ducks
J. Litt, L. Fortun-Lamothe, D. Savietto and C. Leterrier

Evaluation of four commercial fish feed in the growth of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) reared in RAS
E. Panana and S. Teerlinck

Ammonia-nitrogen release urea samples with different protection to in vitro ruminal degradation
M. Simoni, M. Rodriguez and S. Calsamiglia

The effect of cannabinoids in turkey fattening
E. Zsédely, Z.S. Turcsán, L. Turcsán and J. Schmidt

Relationship between feed processing with expander, particle size and mill type on broiler growth
M.A. Ebbing, V.D.N. Haro, W. Sitzmann, K. Schedle and M. Gierus

Nutritional value of DL-methionine and hydroxy analogue-free acid in common Greek broiler diets
G.K. Symeon, M. Anastasiadou, V. Dotas, A. Athanasiou and M. Müller

Energy deficiency in dairy farms, a problem – farmers and stakeholders perceptions
Y. Pénasse, N. Devriendt, V. Gotti, Y. Le Cozler, M. Gelé, J. Jurquet and J. Guinard-Flament

Using olive cake in dairy sheep diets: effects on ruminal bacterial communities in rusitec fermenter
I. Mateos, C. Saro, M.D. Carro and M.J. Ranilla

Comparison of three markers to determine nutrient digestibility and net energy content of pig feeds
L. Paternostre, S. Millet and J. De Boever

Nutritive value of different pastures and soil intake in free-ranged organic growing rabbit
S. Jurjanz, H. Legendre, J.P. Goby and T. Gidenne

Mushroom polysaccharides in the control of mycotoxins: an update
J. Loncar, M. Reverberi, A. Parroni, P. Cescutti, R. Rizzo and S. Zjalic

The effect of feed crude protein content and feed form on broiler performance and litter quality
M. Brink, E. Delezie, P. Demeyer, Ö. Bagci and J. Buyse

Effect of Cistus ladanifer L. tannins as silage additives
M.T. Dentinho, K. Paulos, A.T. Belo, P.V. Portugal, S. Alves, O.C. Moreira, J. Santos-Silva and R.J.B. Bessa

Supplementation of sheep fed low-quality Eraggrostis curvula: a meta-analytical study
H. Mynhardt, W.A. Van Niekerk, L.J. Erasmus, R.J. Coertse and C.J.L. Du Toit