Session 01. Added value of local breeds

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 8.30 – 12.30
Chair: R.B. Baumung

Theatre Session 01

Specific products with added value for local breeds: lessons from success and non-invited success stories
E. Verrier, L. Markey and A. Lauvie

Quantifying ecosystem services to add value in pasture-based livestock systems
A. Bernués

A critical perspective on the current paradigm of high-quality products marketing strategy
D. Martin-Collado, C. Díaz, M. Serrano, R. Zanoli and S. Naspeti

Valorization of locally produced dairy and meat products from native livestock breeds
S.J. Hiemstra, N. Remijn, A.H. Hoving-Bolink, L. Amat and D. Traon

Promote breed conservation by implementing breed specific traits for a local sheep breed
J. Schäler, S. Addo, G. Thaller and D. Hinrichs

Added value to local breeds through goods and services: a diversity of ways of valorisation
A. Lauvie, G. Alexandre, V. Angeon, N. Couix, O. Fontaine, C. Gaillard, M. Meuret, C. Mougenot,
C.H. Moulin, M. Naves, M.O. Nozières-Petit, J.C. Paoli, L. Perucho, J.M. Sorba, E. Tillard and E. Verrier

Developing sustainable value chains for small-scale livestock producers and locally adapted breeds
G. Leroy, R. Baumung, P. Boettcher and B. Besbes

Performance, behaviour and health of dual-purpose chicken under mountain farming conditions
C. Lambertz, K. Wuthijaree and M. Gauly

Genome-wide scan for selection signatures within two local cattle breeds in Slovakia
N. Moravčíková, O. Kadlečík, A. Trakovická and R. Kasarda

Milk phenotypic characterization and heterogeneity of variance across herds in Italian Jersey breed
G. Niero, C. Roveglia, R. Finocchiaro, M. Marusi, G. Visentin and M. Cassandro

Dimensional reduction for breed assignment models with a high number of strongly linked markers
J.A. Baro, F. Bueno, F.J. Cañón, C. Díaz, J. Piedrafita, J. Altarriba and L. Varona

An alternative beef production system in mountain areas of northern Spain: genotype effect
L.R. Beldarrain, N. Aldai, P. Lavín, R. Jaroso and A.R. Mantecón

Poster Session 01

A decade of restoration of the Carpathian goat population in Poland
J. Sikora, A. Kawęcka and I. Radkowska

Use of Polish Konik horses for avifauna conservation in selected ecosystems of Poland
M. Pasternak, A. Kawęcka, T. Gruszecki and A. Junkuszew

CA.RA.VA.N project: toward implementation of a modern camel selection system in Northern Africa?
E. Ciani, V. Landi, G. Fernandez De Sierra, M. Ould Ahmed, S. Bedhiaf-Romdhani, W. Bensalem,
I. Boujenane, P.A. Burger and S.B.S. Gaouar

Role of horses and other aspects of wild nature in the image of the Camargue touristic natural area
C. Vial and C. Costa