Session 01. Climate smart cattle farming and breeding – Part 1: general overviews (in cooperation with EU projects METHAGENE, RUMINOMICS, OPTIBARN)

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Date: 31 August 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: O. Vangen/M. Klopcic

Theatre Session 01

Global perspectives for climate smart cattle farming and breeding
Invited M.C.T. Scholten

Achieving economic and socially sustainable climate smart farming
Invited E. Wall

Climate smart cattle farming – management and system aspects
Invited T. Kristensen and L. Mogensen

Dairy production and the carbon cycle: the importance of land use and land use change
Invited C.E. Van Middelaar and I.J.M. De Boer

Optimised animal specific barn climatisation facing climate change
Invited S. Hempel, B. Amon, C. Ammon, G. Hoffmann, C. Menz, G. Zhang, I. Halachmi, A. Del Prado, F. Estelles, W. Berg, R. Brunsch and T. Amon 

Ruminomics – connecting the animal genome, gastrointestinal microbiomes and nutrition
C. Thomas and J. Wallace

METHAGENE – towards large-scale methane measurements on individual ruminants for genetic evaluations
Y. De Haas and J. Lassen


Poster Session 01

Biomarking methane emissions from livestock farming using co-enzyme M: an exploratory study
H.M. Oliveira, M.A. Segundo, A.J.M. Fonseca and A.R.J.B. Cabrita

Methane production by dairy cows measured in an automatic milking system
S. Van Engelen, H. Bovenhuis, P.P.J. Van Der Tol, J.A.M. Van Arendonk and M.H.P.W. Visker

Quantification of environmental impacts from dairy and beef production on national scale in Japan
S. Yamada, K. Oishi, H. Kumagai and H. Hirooka

Genetic approaches for methane mitigation strategies
J. Lassen, G.F. Difford, L.M. Kristensen, L. Zetouni and P. Lovendahl

Effect of body fat mobilization in early lactaction on methane production from first-lactating cows
A. Bielak, M. Derno, H.M. Hammon and B. Kuhla

Effect of high N efficiency rations on N excretion in beef cattle
D. Biagini and C. Lazzaroni

High starch content in the diet lowers methane emissions from bull calves
A.L.F. Hellwing, P. Lund and M.Vestergaard

Effects of increased milk yield per cow on GHG emissions from milk and beef production
B.A. Aby, P. Crosson, L. Aass and O.M. Hastard

Field assessment of ammonia emissionsafter soil application of cattle slurry amended with additives
M.Y. Owusu-Twum, R. Subedi, A.S. Santos, J. Coutinho, C. Grignani and H. Trindade

Identifying suitable future South African areas for milk production of Holstein cows on pastures
R. Williams, M.M. Scholtz, M.D. Fair and F.W.C. Neser