Session 01. Coordination of local and transboundary breed conservation; the role of in situ and ex situ strategies

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Strategic transboundary collaboration to conserve Dutch and Belgian draught horse populations
M.A. Schoon, L. Chapard, A.C. Bouwman, B.J. Ducro, S. Jansenss, S.J. Hiemstra and N. Buys

Developing, validating and improving low density multi-species SNP arrays in farm animals
R.P.M.A. Crooijmans, R. Gonzalez-Prendes and M. Tixier-Boichard

Genomic diversity and relatedness between endangered German Black Pied cattle and 68 cattle breeds
G.B. Neumann, P. Korkuć, D. Arends, M.J. Wolf, K. May, S. König and G.A. Brockmann

Population structure and genetic diversity of sheep breeds in Slovenia
Simčič,N. Pogorevc, D. Bojkovski and I. Medugorac

Analysis of genomic inbreeding, diversity and population structure of the Angler Saddleback pig
Meder,A. Olschewsky and D. Hinrichs

First insights into mitogenome variability of indigenous Croatian sheep breeds
Brajkovic,F. Diab, N. Valjak, V. Cubric-Curik, D. Novosel, F. Oštarić and I. Curik

Comparative analyses of inbreeding on the X-chromosome in Croatian sheep breeds
Shihabi,V. Cubric-Curik, I. Drzaic, L. Vostry and I. Curik

Regional approach to strengthen the documentation of ex situ in vitro collections in Europe
Z.I. Duchev, F. Tejerina, A. Stella and S.J. Hiemstra

Dutch genebank for breeding programme support and long term conservation of genetic diversity
Vander Sluis, M.A. Schoon, J.J. Windig, S.J. Hiemstra and M. Neuteboom

Gene bank material as the support for in situ conservation
Bojkovskiand T. Flisar

Impact of CAP payments on the increase in the number of local livestock populations
G.M. Polak

Trends in inbreeding and challenges in Norwegian cattle breeds
Berg,A. Holene and N. Svartedal

Conservation of animal genetic resources in Poland and Ukraine
Sosinand N. Reznikova


Genetic variations of mtDNA in Lipican horses
Moravčíková,R. Kasarda, J. Candrák, H. Vostrá-Vydrová and L. Vostrý

Analysis of whole-genome sequence data on Colombian Creole pig breeds
SuárezMesa, R. Ros-Freixedes, R.N. Pena, B. Hernández, I. Rondón-Barragán and J. Estany

Genetic variability in a captive Mhorr gazelle (Nanger dama mhorr) population via pedigree analysis
Domínguez,I. Cervantes, J.P. Gutiérrez and E. Moreno

Social aspects of the protection of genetic resources of primitive and warmblooded horse bree
Tomczyk-Wronaand A. Chełmińska

Morphometric variability in the Apulian native Murgese horse
G.B. Bramante, E.P. Pieragostini and E.C. Ciani

Joint in situ and ex situ efforts for the active conservation of the Gentile di Puglia sheep breed
Temerario,V. Landi, D. Monaco, C. Carrino, G. Bramante, F. D’Innocenzio, S. Grande, G. Donnini,

F.M. Sarti, M. Ragni, R. Sardaro, G.M. Lacalandra, M. Albenzio, P. De Palo, F. Pilla, M.E. Dell’aquila and

CAMEL-SHIELD project: a further step toward understanding the Camelus dromedarius genetic diversity

Population structure of Lithuanian riding horses
Račkauskaitė,R. Šveistienė and Š. Marašinskienė

Inbreeding level of X-chromosome in Old Kladrub Horse
Vostry,M. Shihabi, H. Vostra-Vydrova, B. Hofmanova and I. Curik