Session 01. Horse keeping and society

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Date: 25 August 2014; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: M. Saastamoinen/R. Evans

Theatre Session 01

08.30 The equine industry in Canada: developing resiliency in a diverse and complex landscape
Invited H. Sansom and B.L. Wilton

09.00 Horse breeding in Europe – quo vadis?
S. Wägeli, H. Jörg and C. Herholz

09.15 Equine society or not – the cultural hegemony of horse keeping at home versus at livery
J. McKeown

09.30 Why do you have so many horses? Horse culture in Iceland
Invited G. Helgadóttir and I. Sigurðardóttir

10.00 Horses in the Society 2012-2014-project in Finland
S. Mäki-Tuuri and A. Laitinen


10.45 Sport horse breeding and agriculture: the end of a relationship?
S. Wägeli, T. Wülser, J. Grossniklaus, C. Herholz, H. Jörg, H.R. Bracher, H.R. Häfliger and A. Lüth

11.00 Equine triads: horse, owner and partner – who loves ya baby?
J. McKeown, K. Dashper and C. Wallace

11.15 Home off the range: managing wild horse herds and public land users’ rights
Invited C.J. Stowe

11.45 Perspective of the use of cold-blooded horses in Poland – illusions or reality?
G. Polak and J. Krupinski

12.00 Natural values on semi-natural and permanent pastures grazed by horses
I. Herzon, M.T. Saastamoinen, S. Särkijärvi, M. Myllymäki and C. Schreurs

12.15 A web tool helping horse stables to improve manure management
I. Riipi, A. Reinikainen, S. Särkijärvi, M. Saastamoinen, M. Myllymäki, M. Järvinen and L. Rantamäki-Lahtinen