Session 01. Mammary gland development and function (biology of lactation workshop)

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Date: 27 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Singh

Theatre Session 01

Something about mammary development
Sejrsen, K.

Role of ovarian secretions in mammary gland development and function in ruminants
P.G. Marnet, L. Yart, V. Lollivier, and F. Dessauge

Milking frequency modifies DNA methylation at a CSN1 regulatory region in the bovine mammary gland
Nguyen, M., Boutinaud, M., Dessauge, F., Charlier, M., Gabory, A., Galio, L., Jammes, H., Kress, C. and Devinoy, E.

Suckling effects in sows: does teat use in first lactation affect its yield in second lactation?
Farmer, C.

Alternative animal models to better understand mammary gland development and function
Nicholas, K.R., Sharp, J.A. and Lefevre, C.M.

Molecular profiling of putative bovine mammary stem cells and identification of potential biomarkers
Choudhary, R.K., Li, R.W. and Capuco, A.V.

Effect of milking frequency and nutrition in pasture-based dairy cows during an extended lactation
Rius, A.G., Phyn, C.V.C., Kay, J.K. and Roche, J.R.


Poster Session  01

Effect of processing on the immunomodulatory activity of milk proteins
Wheeler, T.T., Gupta, S. and Seyfert, H.-M.

Analysis of primary cilia in the lactating bovine mammary gland
Millier, M., Poole, C.A. and Singh, K.

Study of the sn-2 fatty acid composition in ovine milk fat enriched with CLA and omega-3
Mele, M., Serra, A., Conte, G. and Secchiari, P.

Production and application of a polyclonal antibody against purified bovine adiponectin
Mielenz, M., Mielenz, B., Kopp, C., Heinz, J., Häussler, S. and Sauerwein, H.

mTOR signalling in the developing ovine fetal mammary gland 1
Sciascia, Q., Blair, H., Senna Salerno, M., Pacheco, D. and Mccoard, S.

Behavior, cortisol concentrations, ewes and lambs performance after ACTH administration and weaning
Negrao, J.A., Rodrigues, A.D. and Stradiotto, M.M.

Cortisol and insulin like growth factor I after ACTH administration, weaning and first milking
Negrao, J.A., Delgado, T.F.G. and Gaiato, A.P.R.