Session 02. Carcass and meat quality: from measurement to payment

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Date: 26 August 2013; 08:30 – 17:45 hours
Chairperson: Bunger

Theatre Session 02

08.30 Non-invasive measurement of body and carcass composition in livestock by CT, DXA, MRI, and US
Invited A.M. Scholz, L. Bünger, J. Kongsro, U. Baulain and A.D. Mitchell

09.00 Video image analysis (VIA) and value-based marketing of beef and lamb carcasses
Invited C.R. Craigie, L. Bunger, R. Roehe, S.T. Morris, R.W. Purchas, D.W. Ross and C.A. Maltin

09.30 Computed tomography and automatic imaging systems for a value based marketing system in pig
Invited G. Daumas, T. Donko, M. Font-I-Furnols, M. Gispert, M. Monziols and E. Olsen

10.00 New lean meat formulas for progeny testing of intact boars: developed by using MRI and DXA
M. Bernau, P.V. Kremer, E. Tholen, S. Müller, E. Pappenberger, P. Gruen, E. Lauterbach and A.M. Scholz

10.45 Main characteristics and evolution of the most valuable pig carcasses in Europe
M. Gispert, G. Daumas, J. Larsen and M. Font I Furnols

11.00 Altering the Carcase Plus Index has weakened its impact on lean meat yield %
F. Anderson, A. Williams, L. Pannier, D.W. Pethick and G.E. Gardner

11.15 The use of robust regression models for in vivo prediction of lean meat proportion of lambs carcass
C. Xavier and V.A.P. Cadavez

11.30 Evaluating a new numerical approach for carcass lean meat yield determination
M. Font-I-Furnols, F.-A. Ouellet, H. Larochelle, M. Marcoux and C. Pomar

11.45 Consequences of different national ZP equations in EU to estimate lean meat content in pig carcasses
M. Font-I-Furnols, G. Daumas, M. Judas, M. Seynaeve, M. Gispert and M. Candek-Potokar

12.00 On-field and laboratory performance of electronic ear tag used for tracing pigs from farm to carcass
P. Grassi, G. Caja, J.H. Mocket, H. Xuriguera, S. González-Martín, J. Soler, M. Gispert and J. Tibau

12.15 Growth and carcase parameters of lambs sired by extreme muscle density rams at differing end points
E.M. Price, J.A. Roden, W. Haresign, J.A. Finch, G.E. Gardner and N.D. Scollan

14.00 Carcase and meat quality of lambs from different breeds and production systems
F. Ringdorfer

14.15 Effects of castration age, protein level and lys/met on performance and carcass quality of steers
M.M. Campo, I.N. Prado, E. Muela, O. Catalan and C. Sañudo

14.30 Analytical comparison of online techniques to measure meat quality
Invited R. Roehe, D.W. Ross, C.-A. Duthie, C.R. Craigie, M. Font-I-Furnols, M. Candek-Potokar, C.A. Maltin and L. Bunger

15.00 Does selection for lean meat yield reduce the sensory scores of Australian lamb?
L. Pannier, G.E. Gardner, A.J. Ball and D.W. Pethick

15.15 A feasibility study for the prediction of the technological quality of ham with NIR spectroscopy
A. Vautier, T. Lhommeau and G. Daumas

15.30 Visualization of marbling and prediction of intramuscular fat of pork loins with computed tomography
M. Font-I-Furnols, A. Brun, N. Tous and M. Gispert

16.15 Breeding for meat quality in Swiss beef cattle
H. Joerg, M. Scheeder, A. Burren, M. Schafroth, R. Tobler, U. Vogt, T. Aufdermauer and C. Flury

16.30 Reducing the pH of lamb carcasses will improve retail meat colour
H.B. Calnan, R.H. Jacob, D.W. Pethick and G.E. Gardner

16.45 Fatty acid profile from plasma and adipose tissues of lambs grazing two secondary successions
M.A. Gallardo, D. Dannenberger, J. Rivero and R. Pulido

17.00 Effect of dietary vitamin E on trans fatty acid profile of muscle and adipose tissues of indoor lamb
V. Berthelot, L. Broudiscou and P. Schmidely

17.15 Effect of the age at 2nd Improvac® vaccination on fatty acid composition in back fat of male pigs an
T. Sattler, F. Sauer and F. Schmoll

17.30 Sequencing of PRKAG3 gene revealed several novel amino acid substitutions in the Finnish Yorkshire
P. Uimari and A. Sironen


Poster Session  02

Use of X-ray computed tomography for predicting an industrial lamb carcass lean meat yield
J. Normand and M. Ferrand

Effects of weaning age, period at fattening unit and slaughter age on lamb depot’s composition
M.M. Campo, V. Resconi, A. Conesa, E. Horcas and C. Sañudo

Carcass quality studies of two commercial hybrid pig groups
D. Ribikauskiene and V. Razmaite

The use of artificial neural networks for predicting meat content in pig carcasses
M. Szyndler-Nedza, K. Bartocha, M. Masko and M. Tyra

Growth and carcass traits of purebred Ayrshire bulls and crossbred Ayrshire×beef-breed bulls
M. Pesonen, A. Huuskonen, M. Hyrkäs, H. Kämäräinen and R. Kauppinen

Effect of season and farmer to plenitude of carcass for Holstein steers
S. Yamamoto, S. Ito, S. Tsubosaka, T. Wakisaka, S. Okada and K. Kuchida

Rating pork meat tenderness using visible/near-infrared spectroscopy and artificial neural networks
J.M. Balage, S.L. Silva, A.C.O.L. Figueira and M.N. Bonin

Determination of drip loss and intramuscular fat at different positions in the porcine carcass
U. Baulain, L. Frieden, F. Adam, M. Henning and E. Tholen

High MUFA in beefs lowers serum triacylglycerol and increases insulin sensitivity in SD rats
C. Choi, H. Kwon, K.H. Baik, K.H. Lee and Y.W. Kim

Genetic parameters of growth and beef quality traits in Nellore
J.B.S. Ferraz, M.N. Bonin, R.C. Gomes, F.M. Rezende and J.P. Eler

Association of SCD, DGAT, LEP genes’ polymorphism with meat quality of HF bulls fed different diets
J.M. Oprzadek, P. Urtnowski, A. Brzozowska, G. Sender and A. Pawlik

Effect of production system on carcass composition and the fatty acids profile in musle of HF bulls
J.M. Oprzadek, P. Urtnowski, E. Polawska, M. Gabryszuk, A. Brzozowska and G. Sender

Influence of spruce needle extractives feeding on broiler chicken meat composition
I.I. Vitina, V. Krastina, A. Jemeljanovs, I.H. Konosonoka, S. Cerina, V. Sterna, U. Antone and M. Daugavietis

Effect of chilled storage and type of packaging on fatty acids composition of ostrich meat
J.O. Horbanczuk, E. Polawska, A. Józwik, N. Strzalkowska, M. Pierzchala, K. Raes and S. De Smet

The lipid peroxidation in fish: from pond to plate
M. Hostovský and Z. Svobodová

Effects of zilpaterol hydrochloride and soybean oil on feedlot and carcass traits of lambs in summer
J.L. Dávila-Ramírez, U. Macías-Cruz, N.G. Torrentera, H. González-Ríos, R. Rojo-Rubio, S.A. Soto-Navarro and L. Avendaño-Reyes

Effects of extruded linseed in ewe diets on the intramuscular fatty acid profile of suckling lamb
B. Gallardo, P. Gómez-Cortés, A.R. Mantecón, M. Juárez, M.A. De La Fuente and T. Manso

Improvement of the selenium content in beef meat by feeding ingredients high in selenium
Y. Mehdi, O. Dotreppe, V. Robaye, L. Istasse, J.-L. Hornick and I. Dufrasne

Effect of feeding system on fatty acid profile of lambs of three Veneto Region Alpine breeds
E. Pellattiero, F. Tagliapietra and A. Cecchinato

Lidia bovine breed for production of high quality meat
C. Vieira, A.M. Fernández, R. Posado, D.J. Bartolomé and J.J. García