Session 02. Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets

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Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets: welcome and introduction
O’Maraand M. Lee

IPCC AR6 Working Group III report: overview of agricultural sector GHG emissions

Technical advisory group on methane emissions from the livestock systems & Working group on metrics
Lynchand C. De Camillis

EU policy tools to decrease emissions from the livestock sector
Forlinand A. Pilzecker

Global research alliance on agricultural green house gases – GRA-GHG

Production profiles and GHG emissions – pilot study on farm practices towards circular bioeconomy
Záhradník,O. Pastierik, J. Huba, D. Peškovičová and I. Pavlík

Territorial-scale trade-offs of livestock performance: cattle diet composition perspective
Wang,F. Accatino, C. Pinsard, L. Puillet and P. Lescoat

State of the art in research and innovation – nutrition and supplements
J.R. Newbold and C.J. Newbold

Research and innovation for climate change mitigation from an animal breeding perspective

State of the art in research and innovation – manure management
Trindadeand D. Fangueiro

Panel discussion (morning session)
A.S. Santos, A. Granados and T. Boland


Reducing carbon footprint in the Azorean meat industry
A.M. Pereira, J.L. Ramos-Suárez, C. Vouzela, J. Madruga and A.E.S. Borba

Optimising the integration of crop and dairy production systems in the Netherlands
L.M. Alderkamp, A. Van Der Linden, C.E. Van Middelaar, C.W. Klootwijk, A. Poyda and F. Taube

Carbon farming as an element of two meat quality production systems in Poland
Walczak,W. Krawczyk and M. Skowrońska

The use of ammonia mitigation methods in animal production for the official Polish emission inventor
Walczak,W. Krawczyk and M. Skowrońska