Session 02. Opportunities to use genomic information for in-situ and ex-situ conservation

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Date: 27 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Fernandez

Theatre Session 

Discovering the unique value of indigenous livestock populations: the opportunities of genomics
Hanotte, O., Ndila, M., Wragg, D. and Mwacharo, J.

Using genomic information provided by selection schemes to assess French dairy breeds diversity
Laloë, D., Allais, S., Baloche, G., Barillet, F., Raoul, J. and Danchin-Burge, C.

Comparing linkage disequilibrium between taurine and indicine cattle with a high density SNP chip
Pérez O’brien, A.M., Garcia, J.F., Carvalheiro, R., Neves, H., Vantassell, C., Sonstegard, T., Utsunomiya, Y.T., Mcewan, J.C. and Sölkner, J.

Screening of indigenous Czech cattle breeds for polymorphism in innate immunity genes
Novák, K.

Ascertainment bias in the estimation of the effective population size from genome-wide SNP data
Ober, U., Malinowski, A., Schlather, M. and Simianer, H.

Genomic management strategies for conservation of endangered livestock populations
Villanueva, B., De Cara, A., Gomez-Romano, F., Fernandez, J., Saura, M., Fernandez, A., Barragan, C. and Rodriguez, M.C.

Conserving a single gene versus overall genetic diversity with the help of optimal contributions
Windig, J.J., Hulsegge, I. and Engelsma, K.A.

Use of inbred matings for population management in conservation programmes
De Cara, M.A.R., Villanueva, B., Toro, M.A. and Fernández, J.

Estimation of genomic inbreeding in cattle: the impact of density
Ferencakovic, M., Curik, I. and Soelkner, J.

Mitochondrial genetic variation in two Podolian cattle breeds in Croatia
Ivanković, A., Ramljak, J. and Dovč, P.


Poster Session

 Genetic diversity in buffalo populations of Iraq using microsatellite markers
Jaayid, T.A. and Dragh, M.A.