Session 03. Breeding and management for milk, beef and product quality

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Date: 27 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Klopcic

Theatre Session 

Introduction to cattle sector in the Slovak republic
Chovan, V.

Modern dairy needs an extensive management system
Kiljunen, J.

Genetic selection for optimal milk yield and quality in US grazing systems
Schutz, M.M.

Proper antibiotics use in animals a social responsibility: case dairy cows
Kuipers, A.

Genetic variance in environmental sensitivity for milk and milk quality in Walloon Holstein cattle
Vandenplas, J., Bastin, C., Gengler, N. and Mulder, H.A.

A dynamic artificial neural network for the prediction of milk yields from dairy cattle
Murphy, M.D., Upton, J., O’ Mahony, M.J. and French, P.

Differences in bovine milk fat composition among dairy breeds in the Netherlands
Maurice – Van Eijndhoven, M.H.T., Bovenhuis, H., Soyeurt, H. and Calus, M.P.L.

Genetic relation between composition of bovine milk fat in winter and summer
Duchemin, S.I., Bovenhuis, H., Stoop, W.M., Bouwman, A.C., Van Arendonk, J.A.M. and Visker, M.H.P.W.

Mid-infrared prediction of milk titratable acidity and its genetic variability in first-parity cows
Colinet, F.G., Vanlierde, A., Vanden Bossche, S., Sindic, M., Dehareng, F., Sinnaeve, G., Vandenplas, J., Soyeurt, H., Bastin, C. and Gengler, N.

Genetics of the mineral contents in bovine milk predicted by mid-infrared spectrometry
Soyeurt, H., Dehareng, F., Romnee, J.-M., Gengler, N. and Dardenne, P.

Genetics of the mid-infrared predicted lactoferrin content in milk of dairy cows
Bastin, C., Leclercq, G., Soyeurt, H. and Gengler, N.

Genetic analysis of vitamin B12 content of bovine milk
Visker, M.H.P.W., Rutten, M.J.M., Sprong, R.C., Bouwman, A.C. and Van Arendonk, J.A.M.


Poster Session 

Milk production black and white cows’ in Lithuania
Sileika, A., Juozaitiene, V., Zostautiene, V., Muzikevicius, A. and Jurgaitis, A.

Feed as a risk factor for raw milk contamination with Listeria monocytogenes
Konosonoka, I.H., Jemeljanovs, A., Ikauniece, D. and Gulbe, G.

Relation of somatic cell score and natural antibodies with functional longevity in Holstein-Friesian
Xue, P., Van Der Poel, J.J., Heuven, H.C.M., Ducro, B.J. and Van Arendonk, J.A.M.

Effect of dietary organic zinc (Zn-Methionine) supplementation in dairy cows
Fantuz, F., Beghelli, D., Mocchegiani, E., Malavolta, M., Lebboroni, G. and Renieri, C.

Effect of different selenium sources on blood and milk selenium levels in dairy cows
Brucker, L., Schenkel, H. and Warren, H.

Preliminary results on Zinc, Copper, Selenium and Manganese concentration in donkey milk
Fantuz, F., Ferraro, S., Todini, L., Mariani, P., Piloni, R. and Salimei, E.

Polymorphisam of kappa kasein and milk procesing to cheese
Nemeš, Ž., Vidović, V., Lukač, D., Stojčević Maletić, J. and Stupar, M.

Comparison between automated and manual systems of sheep milk collection in Tuscany (Italy)
Lombardo, A., Dal Pra, A., Bozzi, R., Gradassi, S., Amatiste, S., Piazza, A. and Brajon, G.

A quality-based system for differentiated payment of sheep milk in Tuscany
Lombardo, A., Bozzi, R., Dal Pra, A., Ragona, G., Paladini, I. and Brajon, G.