Session 03. Challenge programme: Overall assessment of perinatal lamb mortality and strategies to improve lamb survival

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Date: 25 August 2014; 08:30 – 10:30 hours
Chairperson: C. Dwyer

Theatre Session 03

08.30 Lamb mortality: current knowledge and research perspectives
Invited F. Corbiere and J.M. Gautier

08.45 The importance of nutrition during gestation for lamb vigour and survival
Invited J.A. Rooke, G. Arnott, C.M. Dwyer and K.M.D. Rutherford

09.00 Using genetic selection to improve lamb survival in extensive sheep production systems
Invited J. Conington, K. Moore and C. Dwyer

09.15 The role of ewe and lamb behaviour in lamb survival
Invited C.M. Dwyer, M. Nath and S.M. Matheson

09.30 Physiological factors contributing to lamb mortality
Invited R. Nowak, M. Hammadi and M. Chniter

09.45 Experiences from commercial farms: limits and interests
Invited J.M. Gautier, L. Sagot and F. Corbière

10.00 Identifying the obstacles for achieving improvements in lamb mortality rates
Invited I.H. Holmøy and K. Muri