Session 03. Feasible solutions to reducing tail biting in commercial settings + rearing entire pigs

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Date: 31 August 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: A. Velarde

Theatre Session 03

Feasible solutions to producing entire pigs: an introduction
A. Velarde

Housing and management strategies to reduce tail biting
Invited  A. Valros

The effect of mixing after weaning on tail biting during rearing
C. Veit, I. Traulsen, K. Muller and J. Krieter

Higher space allowance and straw rack as effective measures to reduce tail biting in fattening pigs
K. Schodl, C. Leeb, L. Picker and C. Winckler

Frequent delivery of straw for slaughter pigs – effect on behaviour and welfare
A. Lind, L. Wahlund and C. Lindahl


Curly tails: the Dutch approach
M. Kluivers-Poodt, N. Dirx, C.M.C. Van Der Peet, A. Hoofs, W.W. Ursinus, J.E. Bolhuis and G. Van Der Peet

Tail biting; what we do and do not know from a genetics perspective
N. Duijvesteijn and E.F. Knol

Relationship between sperm production and boar taint risk of purebred or crossbred entire offspring
M.J. Mercat, A. Prunier, N. Muller, C. Hassenfratz and C. Larzul

Slaughter related factors and season and their effect on boar taint in Belgian pigs
E. Heyrman, S. Millet, F. Tuyttens, B. Ampe, S. Janssens, N. Buys, J. Wauters, L. Vanhaecke and M. Aluwe

Using genetic markers to select Canadian Duroc sires for lower boar taint levels in commercial hogs
M. Jafarikia, L. Maignel, F. Fortin, S. Wyss, W. Van Berkel, D. Cohoe, F. Schenkel, J. Squires and B. Sullivan

Effectiveness of genomic prediction of boar taint components in Pietrain sired breeding populations
C. Grose-Brinkhaus, E. Heus, K. Schellander, C. Looft, J. Dodenhoff, K.-U. Gotz and E. Tholen


Poster Session 03

Fattening and carcass quality of entire male pigs as an alternative to surgical castration
I. Bahelka, P. Polak, M. Gondekova and M. Michaličkova

Inclusion of chicory fructanes in the diet reduces fat skatole levels
M. Aluwe, E. Heyrman, S. Millet, S. De Campeneere, S. Theis, C. Sieland and K. Thurman

Familiarity with boar taint and previous sample affect perception by human nose methodology
E. Heyrman, S. Millet, F. Tuyttens, B. Ampe, S. Janssens, N. Buys, J. Wauters, L. Vanhaecke and M. Aluwe