Session 03. Feed use efficiency in pigs and chickens

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Date: 29 August 2016; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: G. Bee / D. Torrallardona

Theatre Session 03

ECO FCE: In ovo manipulation:long term effect of synbiotics on morphology of chicken gut
K. Stadnicka, J. Bogucka, G. Elminowska-Wenda, A. Sobolewska, A. Dankowiakowska, A. Szczerba and M.Bednarczyk

ECO FCE: In ovo manipulation – effects on chicken transcriptome and physiology
M. Siwek, A. Dunislawska, A. Slawinska, P. Kolodziejski, E. Pruszynska-Oszmalek, P. Mackowiak and M. Bednarczyk

ECO-FCE: Faecal microbiota transplant alters the growth and intestinal bacterial profile of pigs
U.M. McCormack, B. Metzler-Zebeli, S. Buzoianu, T. Curiao, F. Crispie, O. O’Sullivan, P. Cotter, G.E. Gardiner and P.G.Lawlor

ECO FCE: Peri-natal nutrition and lifetime performance of low birth weight pigs from prolific sows
J.G. Madsen, M. Kreuzer and G. Bee

ECO FCE: Phosphorus nutritional conditioning in broiler chickens
M. Francesch, A.M. Pérez-Vendrell, E. Fàbrega, R. Quintanilla and D. Torrallardona

Panel discussion


ECO FCE: In vitro evaluation of exogenous enzymes to improve digestibility in pigs and poultry
D. Torrallardona, J.I. Badiola, A.M. Pérez-Vendrell and M. Francesch

ECO FCE: α-galactosidase and xylanase improve performance of pigs fed soybean and rapeseed meals
S. Carné, J. Estévez and J. Mascarell

ECO FCE: The use of enzymes in pig and broiler diets containing low soya and varying levels of energy and ami
M.E.E. Ball, V.E. Beattie, H. Hayes, P.J. Lawlor and E. Magowan

ECO-FCE: Effect of carbohydrase use and soaking of cereals on the growth of liquid fed finisher pigs
A. Torres-Pitarch, E.G. Manzanilla, G.E. Gardiner, R. Lizardo, D. Torrallardona, J.V. O’Doherty and P.G. Lawlor

ECO FCE: Combined use of cereal extrusion and enzymes in chickens
M. Francesch, I. Riahi, A.M. Pérez-Vendrell, E. Fàbrega, M. Gispert and D. Torrallardona