Session 03. New advances in biotechnology of equine reproduction

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Date: 26 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Magistrini / Varner

Theatre Session 03

08.30 Regulation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian axis in mare: what’s new?
D. Guillaume, C. Decourt, J. Salazard-Ortiz, C. Briant and A. Caraty

08.45 The potential effects of social interactions on reproductive efficiency of horses
D. Burger and C. Wedekind

09.00 Do stallions recognize the oestrous state by smelling the odor of mares?
C. Briant, A. Bouakkaz, Y. Gaudé, I. Couty, D. Guillaume, J.M. Yvon, Y. Maurin, B. Nielsen, O. Rampin and M. Magistrini

09.15 Advances in the mechanism of sperm-oocyte interactions and cross-talk with the oviduct in the equine
G. Goudet, S. Mugnier, B. Ambruosi, C. Douet, P. Monget, F. Reigner and S. Deleuze

09.30 Oocytes and assisted reproductive technologies in the horse
S. Deleuze, C. Douet, S. Parrilla-Hernandez, F. Reigner and G. Goudet

09.45 Genotyping and cryopreservation of equine embryos: new developments
F. Guignot

10.00 Perspectives on stallion fertility and semen analysis
Invited D.D. Varner

10.45 Stallion spermatozoa: putative targets for estrogens
C. Gautier, C. Delalande, I. Barrier Battut and H. Bouraïma Lelong

11.00 Recent advances in processing of stallion sperm for cooled storage
H. Sieme, H. Oldenhof, G. Martinsson and W.F. Wolkers

11.15 Quality of stallion sperm processed with Androcoll-E and their relation with in vivo fertility
S. Gamboa, A. Quaresma, F. Castro, P. Bravo, R. Rebordão and A. Rocha

11.30 Foetal programming and epigenetics: how important are they for the equine species?
P. Chavatte-Palmer, P. Peugnet and H. Jammes

11.45 Prediction of foaling in mares based on changes in endocrine and cardiac parameters
C. Nagel, J.E. Aurich, R. Erber and C. Aurich

12.00 Low levels of regulatory T-lymphocytes in blood of mares are associated with early pregnancy loss
C. Aurich, J. Weber, C. Nagel, M. Merkl, R. Jude, S. Wostmann, U. Baron, S. Olek and T. Jansen


Poster Session  03

Oviductal secretions have a positive effect on fertilization in equine species, which involves DMBT1
C. Douet, B. Ambruosi, G. Pascal, P. Monget, C. Moros Nicolàs, U. Holmskov and G. Goudet

Genetic analysis of cryptorchidism in Swedish born Icelandic horses
S. Eriksson, K. Jäderkvist, A.-M. Dalin, J. Axelsson and G. Lindgren

Lower reproductive success associated with locomotor stereotypies in mares
H. Benhajali, M. Richard-Yris, M. Ezzaouia, F. Charfi and M. Hausberger

The scientific development in horse reproduction in Russia
L.F. Lebedeva, V.A. Naumenkova and M.M. Atroshchenko

Horse embryo freezing in Russia: 2 aspects of technology
L.F. Lebedeva