Session 03. Novelties in genomics research and their impact on genetic selection

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Large scale genome-wide association studies for seven production traits in Italian heavy pigs
Bovo,G. Schiavo, A. Ribani, M. Cappelloni, M. Gallo and L. Fontanesi

Identification of gene expression regulators from pig muscle transcriptome
Passols, C. Sebastià, L. Criado-Mesas,J. Estellé, D. Crespo-Piazuelo, A. Castelló, J. Valdés- Hernández, Y. Ramayo-Caldas, R. González-Prendes, A. Sánchez and J.M. Folch

Improved imputation of low coverage sequence data by utilization of pre-phased reads and HBimpute
Pookand J. Geibel

Genetic components of serotonergic system and its association with tail biting behaviour in pigs
G.S. Plastow, I. Reimert, W. Ursinus, L.E. Van Der Zande, E.F. Knol and E. Dervishi

Mining the K-mer patterns in whole-genome sequences of Holstein-Friesian cows
Szydaand M. Mielczarek

The GENE-SWitCH H2020 project: follows up and perspectives of functional genome annotations
Giuffra,H. Acloque, A.L. Archibald, M.C.A.M. Bink, M.P.L. Calus, P.W. Harrison, C. Kaya, W. Lackal, Martin,A. Rosati, M. Watson and J.M. Wells

A genome-wide association study for diarrhoea sensitivity in newborn rabbits
Ribani,S. Bovo, G. Schiavo, D. Fornasini, A. Frabetti and L. Fontanesi

Assessing workflows to call structural variants in chickens from Illumina, PacBio and Nanopore data
Geibel,J. Schauer, A. Weigend, C. Reimer, D.-J. De Koning, H. Simianer and S. Weigend

Exploring the link between gut microbiota, faecal SCFAs, pig muscle and backfat fatty acid profile
Sebastià,D. Crespo-Piazuelo, M. Ballester, J. Estellé, M. Passols, M. Muñoz, J.M. García-Casco,

A.I. Fernández, A. Castelló, A. Sánchez and J.M. Folch

Whole genome resequencing provides information for sustainable conservation of Reggiana cattle breed
Schiavo,S. Bovo, A. Ribani, M. Bonacini, S. Dall’olio and L. Fontanesi

Perceptions of genome editing in farm animals by livestock stakeholders
Delanoue, R. Duclos, L.Journaux, D. Guéméné, M. Sourdioux, A.-C. Dockès, J.-P. Bidanel and R. Baumont


Gene organization of the TRG locus in Equus caballus as deduced from the genomic assembly
CaputiJambrenghi, G. Linguiti, F. Giannico, R. Antonacci and S. Massari

Genomic predictions including unknown parent groups for milk traits in Portuguese Holstein cattle
A.A. Silva, D.A. Silva, P.S. Lopes, H.T. Silva, R. Veroneze, G. Thompson, J. Carvalheira and C.N. Costa

Comparison of longissimus lumborum muscle transcriptomes in Romanov and Polish Merino sheep
Grochowska,Z. Cai and M. Grguła-Kania

SNP substitution effects for SCS changes across environmental gradients in Portuguese dairy cattle
A.A. Silva, D.A. Silva, P.S. Lopes, H.T. Silva, R. Veroneze, G. Thompson, C.N. Costa and J. Carvalheira

Genomic patterns of homozygosity around casein gene cluster in Italian Holstein cattle
Lukic,J.B.C.H.M. Van Kaam, R. Finocchiaro, I. Curik, V. Cubric-Curik and M. Cassandro

Genetic parameters and GWAS analysis for lactation persistency in Brazilian Murrah buffaloes
A.A. Silva, D.A. Silva, K.R. Silveira and H. Tonhati