Session 04. Farm to fork influences on product quality in sheep and goat meat and milk (with H2020 Project iSAGE)

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 8.30 – 12.30
Chair: V.A.P. Cadavez

Theatre Session 04

Improvement of grasslands in dry areas of the Mediterranean region
C. Porqueddu and R.A.M. Melis

Can the use of novel forages increase omega-3 in lamb?
N.L. Howes

The use of seemingly unrelated regression to predict in vivo the carcass composition of lambs
V.A.P. Cadavez

Casein milk proteins: novel genetic variation and haplotype structure
S.A. Rahmatalla, D. Arends, M. Reissmann, S. Krebs and G.A. Brockmann

Fatty acid and mineral composition of Italian local goat breeds
S. Currò, C.L. Manuelian, G. Neglia, P. De Palo and M. De Marchi

Alleviation of climatic stress of dairy goats in Mediterranean climate
N. Koluman Darcan, J. Agossou and A. Koluman

How is grazing perceived by stakeholders of the dairy goat chain in Western France?
A.L. Jacquot, P.G. Marnet, J. Flament and C. Disenhaus

Seasonal changes on milk quality from sheep farms using hay or silage
R. Bodas, D. Delgado, C. Asensio-Vegas, F. Bueno, J.J. García-García, A. Garzón and L.A. Rodríguez

Effect of different dietary protein sources on carcass and sex organs of Egyptians growing lambs
H. Metwally and S. El Mashed

Holistic approach to improving European sheep and goat sectors – iSAGE
C. Thomas, K. Zaralis, R. Zanoli, A. Del Prado, G. Rose, G. Banos, A. Pompozzi and G. Arsenos

Poster Session 04

Identification of meat marker in Carpatina kids for improving carcass quality evaluation by PCR-RFLP
C. Lazăr, A.M. Gras, R.S. Pelmuș, E. Ghiță and M.C. Rotar

Effect of suckling on composition and fatty acid profile of milk in Damascus goat pre-weaning
C. Constantinou, S. Symeou, D. Miltiadou and O. Tzamaloukas

Quality of meat from Carpathian goat kids depending on duration of fattening
A. Kawęcka, J. Sikora and A. Miksza-Cybulska

Perception of climate change impact by smallholders in agropastoral systems of Mediterranean region
N. Koluman Darcan, J.D. Agossou and M. Ledsome

Consumers’ preferences for functional lamb meat
M.C. Agúndez, P. Gaspar, M. Escribano, F.J. Mesías, A. Horrillo, A. Elghannam and A. Eldesouky

Ricotta fatty acid profile and sensory qualities as a reflection of dairy ewes feeding strategies
I. Fusaro, M. Giammarco, M. Odintsov, M. Chincarini, G. Mazzone, A. Formigoni and G. Vignola

Meat quality of lambs finished on a permanent sward or a plantain-chicory mixture
R. Rodriguez, D. Alomar and R. Morales

Ultrasound measurements of LD muscle properties and subcutaneous fat thickness in Tsurcana lambs
E. Ghita, R. Pelmus, C. Lazar, C. Rotar, M. Gras and M. Ropota

The lamb fattening results of different origin Latvia dark head sheep
D. Barzdina, D. Kairisa and J. Vecvagars

The results of Latvian dark head and Charolais purebred and crossbred lamb fattening
D. Kairisa, D. Barzdina and J. Vecvagars