Session 04. Multifunctional grasslands systems for efficient cattle production promoting ecosystems services

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Multifunctionality assessments of grazing systems: opportunity or curse?
Merbold,V. Klaus, A. Edlinger and O. Huguenin-Elie

Using crowdsourced data to assess the cultural ecosystem services provided by grasslands
Chai-Allah,S. Bimonte, G. Brunschwig and F. Joly

Response of Maremmana cattle to virtual fencing for herd management during spring-summer grazing
Confessore,C. Aquilani, M.C. Fabbri, L. Nannucci, A. Mantino, F. Vichi, E. Gasparoni, G. Argenti, Dibari,M. Mele and C. Pugliese

Links between the sum of temperatures and forage yield and quality in intensive permanent grasslands
Mariotte,E. Perotti, O. Huguenin-Elie, P. Calanca, D. Frund and M. Probo

Does stocking method affect enteric methane emissions and performance of dairy × beef steers?
Meo-Filho,S. Morgan, P. Nightingale, A. Cooke, M. Lee, A. Berndt and M. Jordana Rivero

Silage or hay: does feeding regime affect health related traits of primiparous dairy cows?
Fuerst-Waltl,S. Ivemeyer, M. Coppa, C. Fuerst, M. Klopčič, U. Knierim, B. Martin, M. Musati and Winckler

The role of pasture use intensity for ecosystem services in alpine pastures
C.M. Pauler, H. Homburger, A. Lüscher, M. Scherer-Lorenzen and M.K. Schneider

Generic relationships between field uses and geographical characteristics in mountain-area farms
Brunschwigand C. Sibra

Optimizing age at slaughter and eco-efficiency for four cattle breeds in Alentejo, Portugal
M.P. Dos Santos, T.G. Morais, T. Domingos and R.F.M. Teixeira

Effects of field peas on feed intake, milk production and metabolism in grazing dairy cows
R.G. Pulido, I.E. Beltran, J.A. Aleixo, A. Morales, M. Gutierrez and P. Melendez

Genome-wide CNV discovery in the autochthonous Aosta Breeds
M.G. Strillacci, F. Berenini, C. Punturiero, R. Milanesi, M. Vevey, V. Blanchet and A. Bagnato


Training Maremmana heifers to virtual fencing management: preliminary results
Aquilani, A. Confessore, M.C. Fabbri,L. Nannucci, E. Gasparoni, F. Vichi, A. Mantino, R. Bozzi, C. Dibari, M. Mele and C. Pugliese

Hydroxychloride trace minerals improve nutrient digestibility in beef cattle compared to inorganics
VanKuijk, P. Swiegers, Y. Han and D. Brito De Araujo

Effect of TM source on nutrient digestibility, mineral & antioxidant status of crossbred Indian cows
Khare,S. Nayak, V.V. Reddy, S. Vardhan, L. Pineda and D. Brito De Araujo

Mineral nutrition in suckler beef cows during the grazing season
Scholzand G. Heckenberger

Ruminal protein degradation of alfalfa hay by in situ measurement and nutritional system prediction
Vighand C.Gerard

Residual feed intake calculated after weaning and finishing tests in Nellore cattle
S.F.M. Bonilha, B.R. Amâncio, J.N.S.G. Cyrillo, R.H. Branco, R.C. Canesin and M.E.Z. Mercadante