Session 04A. Livestock farming systems in emerging and developing countries: trends, roles and goals

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Date: 27 August 2012; 08:30 – 10:15 hours
Chairperson: Oosting and Stokovic

Theatre Session

Livestock farming systems in emerging and developing countries: trends, roles and goals
Zjalic, M.

War and transition: livestock farming systems trends, roles and goals in Croatia
Stokovic, I., Kostelic, A. and Matkovic, K.

Dynamics of livestock farming in extensive livestock territories: what processes are going on?
Cournut, S., Madelrieux, S., Rapey, H., Nozières, M.O., Poccard-Chapuis, R., Corniaux, C., Choisis, J.P. and Ryshawy, J.

The LIVCAF framework to analyse constraints for livestock production development in the tropics
Oosting, S.J.

Crossbreeding as innovation for dairy systems in the tropics: case study Amhara region, Ethiopia
Roschinsky, R., Sölkner, J., Puskur, R. and Wurzinger, M.

Effect of genetic improvement of sheep in Ethiopia: systems analysis
Gebre, K.T., Wurzinger, M., Gizaw, S., Haile, A., Rischkowsky, B. and Sölkner, J.

Adoption of exotic chickens in rural areas of Ethiopia: implication for breed introduction
Woldegiorgiss, W.E., Tadelle, D., Van Der Waaij, E.H. and Van Arendonk, J.A.M.


Poster Session

Winter daily live weight gain in females calves: effects on productive and reproductive parameters
Quintans, G., Scarsi, A., López-Mazz, C. and Velazco, J.I.

The role of subsidies in beef cattle farms in SW Spain: a comparison of organic and extensive farms
Escribano, A.J., Gaspar, P., Pulido, A.F., Mesías, F.J., Escribano, M., Pulido, F. and Rodríguez De Ledesma, A.

Cattle systems in Misaje area, Cameroon: biomass resource pressure and decentralisation challenges
Bessong Ojong, W. and Piasentier, E.

Evaluation of two different artificial pastures as alternative source for livestock production
Turk, M., Albayrak, S. and Bozkurt, Y.