Session 05. Dairy herd reproduction management strategies for improved efficiency

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Dairy herd reproduction management strategies for improved efficiency
J.M.E. Statham, M.W. Spilman and K.L. Burton

Randomized field study of extended lactation in 48 Danish dairy herds
V.M. Thorup, G. Simpson, A.M.H. Kjeldsen, L.A.H. Nielsen and S. Østergaard

Consequences of an extended lactation for metabolism of dairy cows in different stages of lactation
E.E.A. Burgers, R.M.A. Goselink, R.M. Bruckmaier, J.J. Gross, A. Kok and A.T.M. Van Knegsel

Milk yield during second lactation after an extended voluntary waiting period in primiparous cows
EdvardssonRasmussen, C. Kronqvist, E. Strandberg and K. Holtenius

Fertility in high yielding dairy cows with extended second lactation – a randomized controlled trial
Hansson,C. Kronqvist, R. Båge and K. Holtenius

Extended lactation as a potential strategy to effectively manage calf numbers in dairy farming
Gresham,C. Reiber and M.G. Chagunda

Individual approach of extended lactation period in dairy cows to reduce the use of antibiotics
Sanftleben,T. Kuhlow and A. Römer

What is an optimal body condition profile for reproduction in dairy cows?
Dezetter,F. Bidan, L. Delaby, S. Fréret and N. Bédère

Increasing longevity of dairy cows reduces methane emissions and improves economy in dairy herds
J.B. Clasen, W.F. Fikse, M. Ramin and M. Lindberg

Evolution in performances of French dairy cattle herds transitioning towards 3-breed crossbreeding
Quénon,S. Ingrand and M.-A. Magne

Effect of pre & postpartum DCAD levels on productive and reproductive performance of female buffaloe 151
Metwallyand S. Elmashed

System dynamics for complexity understanding in animal nutrition and farm management
A.S. Atzori, B. Atamer-Balkan and A. Gallo

Relations between animal, carcass and meat characteristics across 15 European breeds
Albechaalany,M.P. Ellies-Oury, J. Saracco, M.M. Campo, I. Richardson, P. Ertbjerg, M. Christensen, B. Panea, S. Failla, J.L. Williams and J.F. Hocquette

Multivariate analysis of beef carcass traits processed by a slaughterhouse in Brazil
N.S.R. Mendes, S. Chriki, M.P. Ellies-Oury, V. Payet, T.F. Oliveira and J.F. Hocquette


Comparison of culling reasons of 30 Swiss dairy farms with low versus high productive lifespans
R.C. Eppenstein and M. Walkenhorst

Genetic evaluation of reproductive efficiency traits in Portuguese Holstein Cattle
Rocha,H.T. Silva, C.N. Costa and J. Carvalheira

Effect of cow resting time during dry period on colostrum production and quality
Gislon,A. Sandrucci, A. Tamburini, S. Mondini, M. Zucali, S. Bonizzi and L. Bava

Gestation length in Swiss Holstein cows
Burrenand H. Joerg

Theobromine promotes short-term and long-term sperm survival in a dose-dependent manner
Ďuračka,J. Kováč, F. Benko, N. Lukáč and E. Tvrdá

Metabolic and endocrine profiles in Holstein cows with different managements during early lactation
A.L. Astessiano, M.N. Viera, E.J. Smeding and A.I. Trujillo

Monitoring reproductive and genetic health of F1 dairy × beef cows through cytogenetic investigation
Nicolae,A. Sipos, B. Groseanu and D. Gavojdian

Defoliation intensity: milk production and composition of late lactating Holstein cows
Fast,G. Menegazzi, M. Oborsky, P. Chilibroste and D. Mattiauda

Prediction of live weight from linear conformation traits in dairy cattle
Burrenand S. Probst