Session 05. Free communications in horse genetics

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Date: 27 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Cervantes

Theatre Session

Assessment of morphological and gait scores given by judges in the Spanish Purebred horses’ shows
Sánchez, M.J., Gómez, M.D., Azor, P.J., Horcada, A. and Valera, M.

Influence of age and training level on biokinematic and morphometric traits in Menorca horses
Solé, M., Gómez, M.D., Galisteo, A.M. and Valera, M.

The effect of international show jumping performances on the genetic evaluation of Belgian Warmblood
Janssens, S., Aerts, M., Volckaert, F. and Buys, N.

Genetic analyses of eventing data of Swedish Warmblood horses
Viklund, Å., Ray, B. and Philipsson, J.

The use of a Tobit-like-Threshold-Model for genetic evaluation of German thoroughbreds
Bugislaus, A.-E. and Reinsch, N.

Modelling the rider effect in the genetic evaluation of dressage in Spanish Purebred Horses
Sánchez, M.J., Valera, M., Gómez, M.D., Cervantes, I. and Gutiérrez, J.P.

Genetic correlations between indications of imbalance and performance patterns in Warmblood horses
Stock, K.F., Becker, A.-C., Schulze-Schleppinghoff, W., Hahn, A. and Distl, O.

Mathematical measurement variables for the evaluation of durability of Hungarian show-jumping horses
Posta, J., Mezei, A. and Mihók, S.

Genetic analysis of health status of 4-year-old riding horses
Jönsson, L., Roepstorff, L., Näsholm, A., Egenvall, A., Dalin, G. and Philipsson, J.

Variation factors of the use of foal heat in warm- and cold-blooded horse
Langlois, B. and Blouin, C.

Genetic analysis of dystocia in French draft horses
Sabbagh, M., Danvy, S. and Ricard, A.

The German Riding Pony: a genealogical study and a genetic analysis
Schöpke, K. and Swalve, H.H.

The relationship between genetic diversity and phenotypic characteristics in the Irish Draught Horse
Brady, K.M., Corbally, A., Harty, D. and Fahey, A.G.


Poster Session

Differences in judging of young horse free jumping
Lewczuk, D.

Opportunities of canalizing the rank in the Endurance competitions in Arab Horses
Cervantes, I., Pérez-Cabal, M.A., Pun, A., Valera, M., Molina, A. and Gutiérrez, J.P.

Aplication of multitrait animal models to evaluate the plasticity in horse show jumping performance
Bartolomé, E., Menéndez-Buxadera, A., Valera, M., Cervantes, I. and Molina, A.

Genetic parameters estimation for linear type traits described in the Czech draft breeds of horses
Vostry, L., Hofmanova, B., Capkova, Z. and Majzlik, I.

Genetic connections between dressage and show jumping in Dutch Warmblood horses
Rovere, G., Madsen, P., Ducro, B.J., Norberg, E., Arts, D. and Van Arendonk, J.A.M.

Influence of foreign breeds in the Show Jumping performance of the Spanish Sport Horse
Bartolomé, E., Valera, M., Cervantes, I. and Ducro, B.J.

Pedigree and molecular data to perform optimum contribution selection in a Menorca horse population
Solé, M., Gómez, M.D., Valera, M., Cervantes, I. and Fernández, J.

Formation of new riding horse population in Lithuania
Sveistiene, R.