Session 05. Improving the quality and sustainability of beef production (with Cattle Network WG and Livestock and Meat Commission NI) – part 1

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Date: 29 August 2016; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: J.F. Hocquette

Theatre Session 05

Random regression analyses of carcass traits yield useful herd-year profiles for management purposes
T.M. Englishby, D.P. Berry, M.P. Coffey, K.L. Moore and G. Banos

Composition and sensory qualities of bull beef from different breeds and production systems
G.B. Mezgebo, F.J. Monahan, M. McGee, E.G. O’Riordan, D. Marren, R.I. Richardson and A.P. Moloney

Prediction of carcass and live weights of some beef cattle breeds
Y. Bozkurt, C.G. Tuzun and C. Dogan

Predicted phenotypic carcass meat yield and cut yields in cattle differing in genetic merit
S.M. Connolly, A.R. Cromie and D.P. Berry

Effect of hang, cut, cook and doneness on eating quality
J. Tollerton, N. Gault, E. Tolland, D. Devlin, L. Majury and H. Lewis

Beef eating quality: a European journey
invited L.J. Farmer


Growth performance and meat characteristics of Awassi sheep that holds the Callipyge gene
K.I.Z. Jawasreh, A.H. Al-Amareen and A.Y. Abdullah

Effect of muscle type and ageing on eating quality of beef
J. Tollerton, N. Gault, E. Tolland, L. Farmer, D. Devlin, L. Majury and H. Lewis

Factors affecting Eating Quality of Northern Irish Beef
D.J. Devlin, N.F.S. Gault, B.W. Moss, E. Tolland, J. Tollerton and L.J. Farmer

The variability of European beef can be reduced by predicting consumer satisfaction
invited S.P.F. Bonny, J.-F. Hocquette, D.W. Pethick, I. Legrand, J. Wierzbicki, P. Allen, L.J. Farmer, R.J. Polkinghorne and G.E. Gardner


Posters Session

Effect of carcass weight on composition and sensory qualities of beef from bulls
G.B. Mezgebo, F.J. Monahan, M. McGee, E.G. O’Riordan, D. Marren, R.I. Richardson and A.P. Moloney

Growth and carcass traits of purebred Simmental and Simmental×beef breed crossbred bulls
M. Pesonen and A. Huuskonen

Performance of bulls offered diets based on whole crop silages with or without protein inclusion
M. Pesonen, E. Joki-Tokola and A. Huuskonen

Effect of using sustained-release non-protein nitrogen on feed conversion efficiency in beef cattle
M. Agovino, A. Linscott and F. Aubry

The effect of suckler cow condition score in pregnancy on calving parameters and progeny performance
D.E. Lowe, F.O. Lively and A.W. Gordon

Growth of bull calves at the dairy farm does not affect their performance as rosé veal calves
A. Jensen, M. Johansen and M. Vestergaard

The impact of animal movements on lifetime performance of beef cattle
V.S. Murphy, D.E. Lowe, F.O. Lively, F.M. Titterington and A.W. Gordon

Effect of feed ration composition on sustainability
L. Mogensen, M.T. Knudsen, I.S. Kristensen, N.I. Nielsen and T. Kristensen

Isotope ratios of bioelements for inferring beef origin and zebu feeding regime in Cameroon
M. Perini, B.M. Nfor, F. Camin and E. Piasentier

Variation in M. longissimus texture and cooking loss from cattle within a commercial supply chain
S. Mackintosh, J. Draper, A. Scott, S. Morgan, H. Powell, I. Richardson and N. Scollan

Genetic variability of the MHC class II (DRB.3) in South African and Namibian beef cattle breeds
L. Haikukutu, T.O. Itenge, L. Bosman, C. Visser, J. Lyaku, F. Mausse and E. Van Marle-Köster

Grass-based production systems for late-maturing sired suckler bulls
K. McMenamin, M. McGee, A.P. Moloney, A.K. Kelly and E.G. O’Riordan

Comparison of methods to evaluate the chemical composition of carcass from beef cattle
M. Al-Jammas, J. Agabriel, J. Vernet and I. Ortigues-Marty

Feed efficiency, carcass traits and selection for yearling weight in Nellore cattle
J.N.S.G. Cyrillo, H.A. Fidelis, L.O. Tedeschi, S.F.M. Bonilha, R.H. Branco and M.E.Z. Mercadante

Indicator-based sustainability assessment of smallholder beef cattle production in South Africa
T. Marandure, C. Mapiye, G. Makombe and K. Dzama

Pasture-based finishing of early-maturing sired suckler beef bulls at 15 or 19 months of age
C. Lenehan, A.P. Moloney, E.G. O’Riordan, A. Kelly and M. McGee

Comparison of rolled barley with citrus pulp as a supplement for growing cattle offered grass silage
C. Lenehan, A.P. Moloney, E.G. O’Riordan, A. Kelly and M. McGee

Restricted or ad libitum creep feeding of nursing beef calves grazing native pastures
A. Simeone, V. Beretta, J. Olaizola, J. Piegas and X. Silveira

The effects of breed, month of parturition and progeny gender on beef cow fertility
F.M. Titterington, S.J. Morrison, F.O. Lively and S. Dawson

Animal welfare index (AWI): an on-farm welfare evaluation of beef farms in Ireland and Belgium
P. Lawrence, M. McGee and B. Earley

Effect of cytoplasmic lineage in genetic evaluation for economic traits in Nellore cattle
L. Grigoletto, E.C. Mattos, M.H.A. Santana, F. Baldi, J.P. Eler, L.G.G. Figueiredo and J.B.S. Ferraz

Effect of SNP polymorphisms on the intramuscular fat content in Hungarian Simmental cattle
I. Anton, B. Húth, I. Füller, A. Zsolnai and G. Holló

Metabolic and endocrine status in heifers from two beef breeds submitted to different rearing diets
J.A. Rodríguez-Sánchez, I. Casasús, J. Ferrer and A. Sanz

Abundance of beige and brown adipocyte markers in different adipose depots of 26-month-old cattle
K. Komolka, E. Albrecht and S. Maak

Response of early-weaned beef calves in feedlots to non protein nitrogen level in the diet
V. Beretta, A. Simeone, J. Clerc, M. Fonseca and J. Rocco

Identification of genomic regions related to tenderness in Nellore beef cattle
M.E. Carvalho, F.R. Baldi, M.H.A. Santana, R.V. Ventura, G.A. Oliveira Junior, R.S. Bueno, M.N. Bonin, F.M. Rezende, J.P. Eler and J.B.S. Ferraz

Intramuscular connective tissue properties in longissimus thoracis muscle of Hungarian Simmental
G. Holló, B. Húth, E. Egri, I. Holló and I. Anton

On-line prediction of beef muscle chemical composition and texture using near infrared spectroscopy
J. Cafferky, V. Campos, A. Sahar, R. Hamill, T. Sweeney, G. Downey, A. Cromie and P. Allen

Growth paths for suckler bulls slaughtered at 19 months of age: A meat quality perspective
L. Moran, M.G. O’Sullivan, M. McGee, K. McMenamin, E.G. O’Riordan and A.P. Moloney

Effect of Stress, Fasting, Lairage and interaction with bulls and steers on Beef Eating Quality
D.J. Devlin, N.F.S. Gault, B.W. Moss, E. Tolland, J. Tollerton and L.J. Farmer

Evaluation of marbling traits by X-ray computed tomography in Hungarian Simmental breed
G. Holló, B. Húth, I. Holló and I. Anton

Muscle development as characteristic for beef production in 4 local breeds of cattle
P. Polák, J. Tomka, R. Šveistienė and A. Račkauskaitė

Effect of diets containing sunflower cake on the meat quality of young bulls
V.S. Oliveira, R.L. Oliveira, T.C. Rocha, J.S. Trajano, R.D.X. Ribeiro, N.G. Nascimento Júnior and P.A. Oliveira