Session 05. Industry session: Precision Livestock Farming; making sense of sensors to support farm management – part 1

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Date: 25 August 2014; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: I. Halachmi/T. Banhazi

Theatre Session 05

08.30 Smart farming for Europe – value creation through precision livestock farming
Invited D. Berckmans

09.00 Detecting lameness in sows using acceleration data from eartags
C. Scheel, I. Traulsen and J. Krieter

09.15 Usage of tri-axial acceleration of the hind leg for recognizing sheep behavior
M. Radeski and V. Ilieski

09.30 Effect of cow traffic on an implemented automatic 3D vision monitor for dairy cow locomotion
T. Van Hertem, M. Steensels, S. Viazzi, C. Bahr, C.E.B. Romanini, C. Lokhorst, A. Schlageter Tello, E. Maltz, I. Halachmi and D. Berckmans

09.45 Development of kinect based self calibrating system for movement analysis in dairy cows
J. Salau, J.H. Haas and W. Junge

10.00 Panel discussion: Precision livestock farming: application of automatic lameness detection
I. Halachmi


10.45 Precision dairy monitoring: what have we learned?
Invited J.M. Bewley

11.15 Characterization of dairy farms with and without sensor technology
W. Steeneveld, H. Hogeveen and A.G.J.M. Oude Lansink

11.30 Economic modelling to evaluate the benefits of precision livestock farming technologies
C. Kamphuis and H. Hogeveen

11.45 Developing SmartFarming entrepreneurship – first year results EU-PLF
H. Lehr, J. Van Den Bossche, D. Roses and M. Mergeay

12.00 Practical problems associated with large scale deployment of PLF technologies on commercial farms
T. Banhazi, E. Vranken, D. Berckmans, L. Rooijakkers and D. Berckmans

12.15 Panel discussion: How precision livestock farming deliver added-value to farmers
T. Banhazi


Poster Session  05

Preliminary comparison of SSN and linear models used for evaluation of meat content in young pigs
M. Szyndler-Nedza, K. Bartocha and M. Tyra

Lameness detection in gestating sows using positioning and acceleration data
I. Traulsen, S. Breitenberger, K. Müller and J. Krieter

Effect of individualized feeding strategy on milk production of Holstein cows
C. Gaillard, M. Vestergaard, M.R. Weisbjerg and J. Sehested

Monitoring the nest building and parturition progress using acceleration data
C. Cornou and A.R. Kristensen

Finding cattle hidden in the bushes and woods by using GPS
A.H. Herlin

Development of an on-farm SowSIS (sow stance information system): hurdles to tackle
J. Maselyne, L. Pluym, J. Vangeyte, B. Ampe, S. Millet, F. Tuyttens, K.C. Mertens and A. Van Nuffel

Automated recognition of activity states in dairy cows by combining multiple sensors
J. Behmann, K. Hendriksen, U. Müller, S. Walzog, H. Sauerwein, W. Büscher and L. Plümer

Dynamic precision feeding of growing pigs using a new automatic feeder linked to a weighing station
P. Massabie, M. Marcon and N. Quiniou

Development of automated calf cough detection: preliminary results
J. Vandermeulen, E. Tullo, I. Fontana, D. Johnston, B. Earley, M. Hemeryck, C. Bahr, M. Guarino and D. Berckmans

An exploratory study of the relation of pH data from pens boluses with othe sensor data
R.M. De Mol, Y.A.H.M. Van Roosmalen, M.-H. Troost, A. Sterk, R. Jorritsma and P.H. Hogewerf

Automatically monitoring dairy cows’ body condition with a time-of-flight camera
J. Salau, J.H. Haas, A. Weber, W. Junge, U. Bauer, J. Harms, S. Bieletzki, O. Suhr and K. Schönrock

Creation of universal MIR calibrations by standardization of milk spectra: example of fatty acids
C. Grelet, J.A. Fernandez Pierna, H. Soyeurt, F. Dehareng, N. Gengler and P. Dardenne