Session 06. Industry session: Micronutrients and their impact on production, health and the environment

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Date: 25 August 2014; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: C. Lauridsen

Theatre Session 06

08.30 Water-soluble vitamins and reproduction in sows: beyond prolificacy
Invited J.J. Matte

09.00 High dietary vitamin E and selenium improves oxidative status of finisher lambs during heat stress
S.S. Chauhan, P. Celi, E.N. Ponnampalam, D.L. Hopkins, B.J. Leury and F.R. Dunshea

09.15 Effects of flavonoids dietary supplementation on egg yolk antioxidant capacity and cholesterol level
P. Simitzis, M. Goliomytis, K. Papalexi, N. Veneti, M. Charismiadou, A. Kominakis and S. Deligeorgis

09.30 Diurnal plasma zinc fluctuations in highly prolific sows
M.M.J. Van Riet, G.P.J. Janssens, B.F.A. Laurenssen, K.C.M. Langendries, B. Ampe, E. Nalon, D. Maes, F.A.M. Tuyttens and S. Millet

09.45 Copper and zinc recommendations in pig diets, a review
Invited P. Bikker, R.M.A. Goselink, J. Van Baal and A.W. Jongbloed


10.45 Standardized total tract digestibility of calcium in growing pigs
J.C. González-Vega, C.L. Walk and H.H. Stein

11.00 Influence of copper sulphate and tribasic copper chloride on growth performance of weaning piglets
D. Kampf and F. Paboeuf

11.15 Effect of zinc oxide on growth and health of Escherichia coli F4-challenged susceptible weaning pigs
P. Trevisi, S. Durosoy, Y. Gherpelli, M. Colombo and P. Bosi

11.30 Two aspects of zinc in piglet feeding: an essential nutrient or an environmental factor?
Invited H.D. Poulsen and K. Blaabjerg

11.45 Nutritional modulation of the antioxidant system of the body
P. Surai

12.00 HMSeBA: an efficient Selenium source for pigs
M. Briens, M. Jlali, F. Couloigner, P.-A. Geraert and Y. Mercier


Poster Session  06

Effect of additional consumption of chromium on reproductive performance of the Gilts
M. Covarrubias, J.A. Romo, R. Barajas, H.R. Güémez, J.M. Romo and J.M. Uriarte

Vitamin A and E circulate in different cattle plasma fractions
L. Hymøller and S.K. Jensen

In different worlds: transport of dietary vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 in cattle plasma fractions
L. Hymoller and S.K. Jensen

Encapsulation method to protect unsaturated fatty acids from rumen biohydrogenation in vitro
S. Abo El-Nor, M. Strabel, A. Cieslak, R.M. Gawad, H. Khattab, P. Zmora, M. El-Nashaar, H. El-Sayed and S. Kholif

Layer fertility and chick hatchability as influenced by dietary fatty acids
A.M. Jooste, O.S. Olubowale, J.P.C. Greyling and F.H. De Witt

Cockerel semen quality as influenced by dietary fatty acid profile
A.M. Jooste, O.S. Olubowale, J.P.C. Greyling and F.H. De Witt

Effect of selenium and vitamin E on the biomarkers of oxidative stress in lactating cows
M.S.V. Salles, T.S. Samóra, A.M.M.P.D. Libera, L.C. Roma Junior, L. El Faro, F.N. Souza, M.G. Blagitz, C.F. Batista and F.A. Salles

Effect of sodium selenite on cadmium chloride induced renal toxicity in male Sprague-Dawley rats
F. Jabeen and A.S. Chaudhry

Vitamin C prophylaxis in hybrid catfish (Clarias macrocephalus × Clarias gariepinus) subjected to thermal
S. Boonanuntanasarn

Environmental resistance against bovine babesiosis – is it conferred by Mediterranean foliage?
A. Shabtay, H. Eitam, R. Agmon, M. Yishay, A. Orlov and Z. Henkin

The effect of protected choline on metabolism and productivity of highly productive cows
M.G. Chabaev, S.I. Tjutjunik, R.V. Nekrasov, N.I. Anisova, N.G. Pervov, V.N. Romanov and A.M. Gadjiev

Effect of dietary chromium-nicotinate on the portion of fatty parts and chemical composition of fat in Large White breed
O. Bucko, A. Lehotayova, P. Juhas, K. Vavrisinova and O. Debreceni

Performance and meat quality of light lambs fed concentrates with different sources of magnesium
M. Blanco, G. Ripoll, I. García, R. Bernal and M. Joy

Effect of the source of magnesium fed during pregnancy and lactation on performance of sheep
M. Blanco, P. Amezketa, M. Arandigoyen and M. Joy

Source of Se supplementation affects milk and blood serum Se concentrations in dairy cattle
L. Vandaele, B. Ampe, S. Wittocx, L. Segers, M. Rovers, A. Van Der Aa, S. De Smet, G. Du Laing and S. De Campeneere

Attapulgite (Ultrafed®) protective action against E. coli and C. perfringes toxigenic strains in pigs
I. Skoufos, I. Verginadis, I. Simos, A. Tzora, A. Mentis, A. Tsinas, G. Magklaras, N. Theofilou and S.P. Karkabounas

Feeding seasons impact on FA profile in cows’ milk and lipid fraction in serum
P. Lipinska, A. Józwik, N. Strzalkowska, E. Polawska, T. Nalecz–tarwacka, W. Grzybek, M. Wiszniewska, B. Pyzel, E. Bagnicka and J. Horbanczuk