Session 06. Mixed farming systems – does diversity bring any benefits and at what scale?

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Date: 29 August 2016; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: J. Ryschawy / M. Zehetmeier


Theatre Session 06

Integrated crop-livestock systems may increase micronutrient content of foodstuffs
invited S.L. Kronberg, G.F. Combs, M.A. Liebig and J. Ryschawy

Mixed crop-livestock systems across scales: toward new agroecological models?
invited J. Ryschawy

Mixed farming and the sustainability of beef production systems in Wales, UK
P.K. Nicholas-Davies, A. Olaizola, O. Barrantes and G. Evans

Does the diversity of integration practices enhance the resilience of mixed crop-livestock systems
F. Stark, H. Archimède, R. Poccard-Chappuis, E. Gonzalez-Garcia and C.-H. Moulin

ArchiMod: a metamodel of farming systems functioning to address future livestock challenges
L. Puillet, O. Martin, B. Méda and F. Garcia-Launay


The revival of Mixed Farming Systems – will dreams finally become true?
invited P.L. De Wolf, W. Sukkel, P.A. Galama, J. Verloop and M. Pleijte

How much animal-source food can we produce while avoiding feed-food competition?
H.H.E. Van Zanten, O. Van Hal and I.J.M. De Boer

Livestock farming system diversity and resource use efficiency – What the history tells for France?
J.P. Domingues, A.H. Gameiro, T. Bonaudo, B. Gabrielle and M. Tichit

Mixed farming systems in the beef value chain of the city of Malang, Indonesia
S.J. Oosting, J.J.M. Boekhorst, M.G. Kok and I. Subagiyo

Self-sufficiency for animal feed: a multi-level framework to promote agroecological farming systems
V. Thenard, A. Charmeau, P. Triboulet and G. Martin

Posters Session 

Crop livestock integration at landscape level in Mediterranean: a comparative analysis
J. Lasseur, M. Napoleone, M. Mohamed, C.H. Moulin and V. Alary

Opportunities and challenges of diversified crop-livestock system in new reclaimed lands, Egypt
A. Aboul Naga, V. Alary, M. Osman and X. Juanes

Which animal do farmers need for tropical mixed farming systems?
N. Mandonnet and T. Ceresita

Test various strategies to reduce Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and Carbon (C) losses in mixed farms
H. Chambaut, J.L. Fiorelli, S. Espagnol, P. Mantovi, J. Verloop, S. Maignan, E. Ruane and P. Nicholas

Are farming systems a key to understand dairy sheep breed management in Thessaly (Greece)?
L. Perucho, C. Ligda and C.H. Moulin