Session 06. Nutrition regulation of rumen and/or gut microbiota

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Trace minerals and rumen function
J.W. Spears

Interaction between faecal microbiota and plasma metabolome of calves at two different weaning times
Seifert,N. Amin, S. Schwarzkopf, A. Camarinha-Silva, S. Dänicke, K. Huber and J. Frahm

Influence of agroecological diets on the rumen microbiota of three dairy cattle breeds
Roques,L. Koning, J. Van Riel, A. Bossers, D. Schokker, S.K. Kar and L. Sebek

Effect of a Bacillus probiotic on rumen microbiota, fluid composition and performance in dairy cows
Klop,S. Kar, R.M.A. Goselink and T. Marubashi

Digestibility of α-, γ-tocopherol, and α-tocotrienol in the digestive tract of dairy cows
Lashkari,F.M. Panah, M.R. Weisbjerg and S.K. Jensen

Nutrients total-tract digestibility results regarding parity in dairy cows during transition period
DeMatos Vettori, D. Cavallini, L. Lanzoni, G. Vignola, L. Lomellini, A. Formigoni and I. Fusaro

Towards the integration of microbial genomic data into a mechanistic model of the rumen microbiome
Davoudkhani,F. Rubino, C.J. Creevey and R. Muñoz-Tamayo

Ellagic acid and gallic acid mitigate methane production in an in vitro model of rumen fermentation
Manoni,M. Terranova, S. Amelchanka, L. Pinotti, P. Silacci and M. Tretola

Faecal microbial transplant to boost gut microbial development after antibiotic therapy in goat kids
Belanche,A.I. Martín-García and D.R. Yáñez-Ruiz

Effect of a combination of three yeasts on growth performance and faecal microbiota of weaning piglet
Sandrini,V. Perricone, P. Cremonesi, B. Castiglioni, F. Biscarini, E.R. Parra Titos, G. Savoini and A. Agazzi

Arginine supply to lactating sows influence piglet’s performance and gut bacterial and viral profile
Trevisi,D. Luise, T. Chalvon-Demersay, B. Colitti and L. Bertolotti

Protipig: relationship between the intestinal microbiota and nitrogen utilization efficiency in pigs
Sarpong,A. Kurz, D. Berghaus, R. Weishaar, E. Haese, J. Bennewitz, M. Rodehutscord, J. Seifert and Camarinha-Silva

In vitro evaluation of Thymus capitatus essential oil (and compounds) effects on rumen microbiota
Gini,F. Biscarini, S. Andrés, L. Abdennebi-Najar, I. Hamrouni, M.J. Ranilla, P. Cremonesi, B. Castiglioni and F. Ceciliani

EU-CIRCLES project: microbial and health evolution of pigs reared in high and low sanitary condition
Trevisi,G. Palladino, D. Luise, S. Turroni, F. Correa, P. Brigidi, P. Bosi, D. Scicchitano, G. Babbi, S. Rampelli, M. Candela and P.L. Martelli

Ruminal fungi and solid-associated bacteria as affected by in vitro inclusion of winery by-products
Khiaosa-Ard,C. Pacífico, M. Mahmood, E. Mickdam and Q. Zebeli

Integrated analysis of faecal microbiota and host transcriptome of Dutch traditional cattle breeds
Gonzalez-Prendes,R. Gomez Exposito, T. Reilas, M. Makgahlela, J. Kantanen, C. Ginja, D.R. Kugonza, N. Ghanem, H. Smidt and R.P.M.A. Crooijmans

The effect of feed processing and nutrient density on growth parameters of feedlot lambs
J.H.C. Van Zyl, P.H.S. Uys and C.W. Cruywagen

Effect of faecal microbial transplant on animal performance and health in young goats
Belanche,A.I. Martín-García and D.R. Yáñez-Ruiz

Effect of a methionine supplementation on the response of goats infected by H. contortus
Montout,H. Archimède, M. Jean-Bart, D. Feuillet, Y. Félicité and J.-C. Bambou

Does diet starch and fibre content affect variation in feed intake in 6 and 8.5 months bull calves
Vestergaard,M. Bjerring and A.M. Kjeldsen

Dietary administration of essential oil to newborn calves and long term effects on immunity
Andrés,N. Arteche-Villasol, D. Gutiérrez-Expósito, A. Martin, L. Abdennebi-Najar, F. Ceciliani and

F.J. Giráldez

Dietary administration of L-carnitine during the fattening period of early feed restricted lambs
Martín,F.J. Giráldez, J. Mateo, I. Caro and S. Andrés

Immunomodulatory properties of acid whey from Greek yogurt of different animal origin
Dalaka,M. Karavoulia, A. Vaggeli, G.C. Stefos, I. Palamidi, I. Politis and G. Theodorou

Citrus extract characterisation and effect on bacterial growth to explain the consequence on animal
Cisse,M. Gautron, M.E.A. Benarbia and D. Guilet

Lithothamnium calcareum as natural additive in roughage-lacking diets of Nellore young bulls
BalieiroNeto, L. Machado and B.R. Amâncio

Comparison on the microbial community structure of lamb faeces, milk ewe and cow colostrum samples
L.C. Lopes, T. Correia and P. Baptista