Session 06. Piglet survival through lactation performance, milk composition and management

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Date: 27 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Lauridsen and Bee

Theatre Session

Importance of sow colostrum in relation to piglet survival
Quesnel, H.

Maternal and postnatal dietary n-3 fatty acids improve piglet performance and health
Gabler, N.K., Mani, V., Boddicker, R.L., Ross, J.W., Spurlock, M.E. and Spencer, J.D.

Improving piglet survivability by altered maternal nutrient supply for transition sows
Theil, P. and Lauridsen, C.

Effect of parity and number of suckling piglets on milk production of sows
Dourmad, J.Y., Quiniou, N., Heugebaert, S., Paboeuf, F. and Ngo, T.T.

Genetic impact of Hampshire sires on litter size and piglet survival
Lundeheim, N. and Serenius, T.

Causes of variation in piglet mortality
Engblom, L. and Lundeheim, N.

Preventing lactation failure – associations between genotype and postpartum dysgalactia syndrome
Bardehle, D., Preissler, R., Lehmann, J., Looft, H. and Kemper, N.

Echium or linseed oil in the maternal diet affects fatty acids, but not oxidative status of piglets
Tanghe, S., Millet, S. and De Smet, S.


Poster Session 

Natural or synthetic vitamin E supplementation of lactating sows on fatty acid profile of milk
Rey, A.I., Amazan, D., Lopez-Bote, C., Cordero, G. and Piñeiro, C.

Milk composition of sows from 0 to 14 days postpartum
Nitrayová, S., Kirchnerová, K., Brestenský, M. and Patráš, P.