Session 06B. Industry session: automation in livestock farming

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Date: 26 August 2013; 10:45 – 12.30 hours
Chairperson: Halachmi

Theatre Session 06b

10.45 Measurement of body temperature in animal studies: how, when, where and why?
M.A. Mitchell

11.00 Validation of the RuminAct system for monitoring rumination in two breeds of beef cows
M. Jardstedt, P. Nørgaard, E. Nadeau and A. Hessle

11.15 Automatisms for phenotyping data gathering in animal farms
Invited J.-F. Bompa, E. Ricard and L. Bodin

11.45 A model as a tool to describe the variability of lifetime body weight trajectories in dairy goats
O. Martin and L. Puillet

12.00 The potential of milk MIR spectra to certify milk geographic origin
L.M. Dale, A. Laine, A. Goubau, H. Bel Mabrouk, H. Hammami and N. Gengler

12.15 Effect of water availability in grazed paddock on milking frequency and milk yield
I. Dufrasne, E. Knapp, V. Robaye, L. Istasse and J.-L. Hornick

12.15 The effect of hoof trimming on the locomotion score, neck activity and ruminating time of dairy cows
Invited T. Van Hertem, E. Maltz, S. Viazzi, C.E.B. Romanini, C. Bahr, D. Berckmans, C. Lokhorst, A. Schlageter Tello, A. Antler and I. Halachmi


Poster Session  06b

Automatic measurement of the body condition of dairy cows with three-dimensional picture processing
U. Bergfeld, S. Pache, R. Hölscher, I. Steinhöfel and R. Fischer

Labour requirement for feeding of dairy cows by automatic feeding systems
J. Macuhová, V. Siefer and B. Haidn

How age of automatic milking system and type of cow circulation impact production parameters?
D. Bizeray-Filoche and B.J. Lensink