Session 07. Entire male pigs and immunocastration as alternatives to surgical castration of male piglets: opportunities and drawbacks (part 1) (with COST Action IPEMA)

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 8.30 – 12.30
Chair: G. Bee / M. Čandek-Potokar

Theatre Session 07

Pork production with entire males and immunocastrates in Australia
D.N. D’Souza, R.J.E. Hewitt and R.J. Van Barneveld

Pork production with entire males and immunocastrates in South America
J.V. Peloso

Whole chain approach for moving from surgical castrate to entire male production
G.B.C. Backus

Genetic approaches for rearing entire males
C. Larzul, L. Fontanesi, E. Tholen and M. Van Son

Effect of divergent selection for cortisol level on boar taint
C. Larzul, E. Terenina, Y. Billon, L. Gress, R. Comte, A. Prunier and P. Mormede

Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis reveals candidate epigenetic biomarkers of boar taint in pigs
X. Wang, M. Drag and H.N. Kadarmideen

Mining whole genome resequencing data to identify functional mutations in boar taint-candidate genes
G. Schiavo, S. Bovo, S. Cheloni, A. Ribani, C. Geraci, M. Gallo, G. Etherington, F. Di Palma and L. Fontanesi

The lysine requirement of growing entire male pigs (10-15 weeks of age): a dose-response study
S. Millet, M. Aluwé, J. De Sutter, W. Lambert, B. Ampe and S. De Campeneere

Development of long-term, pre-finishing immunocastration protocols for male Iberian pigs: 1. Efficacy
F.I. Hernández-García, M. Izquierdo, M.A. Pérez, A.I. Del Rosario, N. Garrido and A. Montero

Increasing levels of condensed tannins from Sainfoin may reduce the environmental impact of pigs
E. Seoni, G. Battacone, F. Dohme-Meier and G. Bee

Testicular development, sex hormones and boar taint in pig lines divergent for residual feed intake
A. Prunier, Y. Billon, J. Ruesche, S. Ferchaud and H. Gilbert

Poster Session 07

Genetic determinism of boar taint and relationship with meat traits
C. Dugué, A. Prunier, M.J. Mercat, M. Monziols, B. Blanchet and C. Larzul

Genetic analysis of boar taint and fertility traits including hormone profiles in dam lines
I. Brinke, K. Roth, M.J. Pröll, C. Große-Brinkhaus, I. Schiefler, K. Schellander and E. Tholen

Boar taint and hormonal development in immunocastrated pigs of 3 breeds
E. Heyrman, L. Vanhaecke, S. Millet, F. Tuyttens, S. Janssens, N. Buys, J. Wauters and M. Aluwé

Influence of terminal sire on fattening traits of pigs of four genders
G. Kušec, I. Djurkin Kušec, M. Škrlep, K. Gvozdanović and V. Margeta