Session 07. Insects as food, feed, and technical applications

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Consumer perceptions and acceptance of insects as feed: current findings and future outlook

Microbiome in the insect-based feed chain: current scenario and future perspectives

Long-term evaluation of black soldier fly larvae meal on Atlantic salmon health in net pens
Radhakrishnan,A.J.P. Philip, N.S. Liland, M.W. Koch, E.J. Lock and I. Belghit

Ability of black soldier fly proteins to decrease oxidative stress in companion animals
Paul,N.M. Tome, M. Dalim, T. Franck, D. Serteyn, K. Aarts and A. Mouithys-Mickalad

Effect of black soldier fly meal dietary integration on production and eggs quality of laying hens
Vitali, M.Meneguz, F. Grosso, E. Sezzi, R. Lorenzetti, D. Santori, N. Ferrarini, G. Grossi, E. Batistini and N. Lacetera

Effect of dietary inclusion of chitinolytic bacteria on insect meal diets for Dicentrarchus labrax
Rangel,R. Cortinhas, L. Gasco, F. Gai, A. Oliva-Teles, C.R. Serra and P. Enes

Broiler eating rate suggests preference for black soldier fly larvae over regular feed
M.M. Seyedalmoosavi, M. Mielenz, G. Daş and C.C. Metges

InsectERA – the 57M€ plan to transform Portugal into an insect technology hub

Evaluation of performance and carcass characteristics of growing lambs fed Tenebrio molitor diet
L.E. Robles Jimenez, E. Cardoso Gutierrez, J.M. Pino-Moreno, S. Angeles, B. Fuente, H. Ramirez, I.A. Dominguez-Vara, E. Vargas-Bello-Perez and M. Gonzalez-Ronquillo

Impact of adult density and temperature on oviposition and hatchability of Alphitobius diaperinus
Baliota,N. Ormanoğlu, C. Rumbos and C. Athanassiou

Aminoacid content of Tenebrio molitor L. fed on different diets
Carvão, L.M. Cunha, G. Pereira,D. Monteiro, M. Almeida, L.M.M. Ferreira, I. Barros, I. Gouvinhas and M.A.M. Rodrigues


Performance of slow-growing broilers fed Acheta domesticus meal during the first four weeks of life
Nieto,J.Plaza, J.A. Abecia, I. Revilla and C. Palacios

ADVAGROMED: basis and structure of PRIMA 2021 project
Gasco,C. Athanassiou, S. Smetana, F. Montesano, M. Nouri, R. Rosa-Garcia and D. Murta

SensiBug – the use of edible insects in the veterinary nutrition of companion animals

Artificial senses for quality evaluation of Sparus aurata diet containing Hermetia illucens meal
A.R. Di Rosa, M. Oteri, F. Accetta, D. Aliquò and B. Chiofalo

CELLOW-FeeP project: growth performance of poultry fed live black soldier fly larvae
Tognoli,S. Bellezza Oddon, M. Renna, I. Biasato, A. Schiavone, S. Cerolini, L. Gasco and L. Zaniboni

NETA – new strategies in wastewater treatment
Rehan,M. Carvalho, D. Murta, I. Lopes and O. Moreira

Effect of dietary yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) in broilers performance and MAPKs activation
Vasilopoulos,I. Giannenas, S. Savvidou, E. Bonos, C.I. Rumbos, N. Panteli, C. Tatoudi, I. Voutsinou, Antonopoulouand C. Athanassiou