Session 07. Nutritional and management strategies in animal disease prevention

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Date: 31 August 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: G. Savoini

Theatre Session 07

Antioxidant nutrition in dairy ruminants
Invited A. Baldi and L. Pinotti

Effects of SOD-rich melon on inflammation, oxidative status and performance of challenged piglets
A.S.M.L. Ahasan, A. Agazzi, F. Barbe, G. Invernizzi, F. Bellagamba, C. Lecchi, G. Pastorelli, V. Dell’orto and G. Savoini

Slowly fermentable grains may reduce metabolic heat and ameliorate heat stress in grain-fed sheep
P.A. Gonzalez-Rivas, K. Digiacomo, V.M. Russo, B.J. Leury, J.J. Cottrell and F.R. Dunshea

Effects of feeding frequency on reproductive performance and stress response in gestating sows
S.W. Jung, J.S. Hong, S.S. Jin, J.C. Jang and Y.Y. Kim

Performance of raters to assess locomotion in dairy cows
A. Schlageter-Tello, P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp, E.A.M. Bokkers and K. Lokhorst

A lipopolysaccharide challenge in young piglets to quantify immune competence
A. De Greeff, J. Allaart, C. De Bruijn, S.A. Vastenhouw, L. Ruuls, D. Schokker, P. Roubos, M.A. Smits and J.M.J. Rebel

Effect of yeast supplementation on cubicle-housed dairy cows with induced bouts of acidosis
V. Ambriz-Vilchis, N. Jessop, R. Fawcett, D. Shaw and A. Macrae


Effect of Arg and Gln supplementation of does on translocation and immune response of their litters
R. Delgado, N. Nicodemus, R. Abad, D. Menoyo, J. Garcia and R. Carabano

Associations of rumen structure, function, and microbiology with feed efficiency in beef cattle
S. Lam, J. Munro, J. Cant, L. Guan, M. Steele, S. Miller and Y. Montanholi

Microbiote activity and immunity of horses fed with scFOS and subjected to an EHV1-EHV4 vaccination
E. Apper, L. Faivre, A.G. Goachet, F. Respondek and V. Julliand

Changes in pH and microbial composition in the ruminal and reticular fluids of SARA cattle
S. Sato, R. Nagata, A. Ohkubo and K. Okada

Effect of probiotic and prebiotic on performance, blood and intestine traits of laying hens
A. Zarei, M. Porkhalili and B. Gholamhosseini


Poster Session 07

The use of whey in poultry industry
V. Tsiouris and E. Sossidou

RNA level of selected protein or peptide genes in goat milk somatic cells supplemented with Se-yeast
E. Bagnicka, D. Reczyńska, J. Jarczak, M. Czopowicz, D. Słoniewska and J. Kaba

Colostrum, milk yield and quality of cows supplemented with flaxseed during the dry period
N. Guzzo, R. Mantovani, L. Da Dalt, G. Gabai and L. Bailoni

Effect of prepartum pH and concentrate levels on reticuloruminal-pH levels in dairy cows
A. Steinwidder, M. Horn, R. Pfister, H. Rohrer and J. Gasteiner

Investigation of the status of health management in dairy farms –case study: Kashmar, Iran
R. Vakili and A. Alizadeh

Rumen microbiota of beef calves fed high-grain concentrate and straw, given separately or as unifeed
A. Gimeno, S. Schauf, G. De La Fuente, C. Castrillo and M. Fondevila

Development of a Salmonella Typhimurium challenge model in pigs: evaluation of known interventions
J.G.M. Wientjes, H.M.J. Van Hees, A.E. Heuvelink, W. Swart, P.J. Van Der Wolf and P.J. Roubos-Van Den Hil

Modulation of rumen microbial fermentation by herb mixture and dietary fat in sheep
M. Wencelova, Z. Varadyova and S. Kišidayova

Dynamics of fumarate metabolism in rumen environment in vitro
J. Pisarčikova, Z. Varadyova and S. Kišidayova

The effect of lauric acid on inflammation response caused by cow fungal mastitis in mice
Y. Suda, N. Sasaki and Y. Masumizu