Session 07. Sustainable animal production in the tropics and high constraint areas: multidisciplinary approaches

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Date: 26 August 2013; 08:30 – 17:45 hours
Chairperson: Boval / Oosting

Theatre Session 07

08.30 Adaptability of small ruminant farming facing global change. A north south analysis in Mediterranean
Invited J. Lasseur, V. Allary, A. Aboul-Naga, P. Bonnet and J.F. Tourrand

09.00 Matching genetic resources and breeding objectives with the constraints in tropical farming systems
N. Mandonnet, M. Naves, S. Thevenon, G. Alexandre and V.C. Yapi-Gnaoré

09.15 Survival and adaptability of indigenous Red Maasai sheep and their crosses in East Africa
J.M.K. Ojango, J. Audho, A.G. Marete, E. Zonabend, J. Philipsson, E. Strandberg and A.M. Okeyo

09.30 One hour of daily contact with sexually active males induce fertile ovulation in anestrous goats
M. Bedos, J.A. Flores, G. Duarte, J. Vielma, G. Fitz-Rodríguez, H. Hernández, I.G. Fernández, M. Keller, P. Chemineau and J.A. Delgadillo

09.45 Genetic parameters for test day milk yields in crossbred Holstein × Bos indicus cattle in India
C. Patry, S. Gokhale and V. Ducrocq

10.00 Crossbreeding Creole cattle with european breeds in Guadeloupe: ambiguous results in the beef sector
M. Naves, G. Alexandre and V. Angeon

10.45 Multi-criteria evaluation of resources for livestock farming systems under Tropics
Invited H. Archimede, C. Marie-Magdeleine, L. Rodriguez, D. Bastianelli, G. Alexandre, P. Lecomte, M. Boval, E. Gonzalez, G.W. Garcia and D. Sauvant

11.15 Nutritive value of four tropical forage legume hays fed to pigs in the Democratic Republic of Congo
B. Kambashi Mutiaka, C. Boudry, P. Picron, H. Kiatoko, A. Théwis and J. Bindelle

11.30 Responses of growing ruminants to variable diets in harsh conditions: a meta-analysis
N. Nizar, D. Sauvant and H. Archimede

11.45 Differences in feeding in stalls or at pasture may be linked to differences in feeding strategies
A. Agastin, D. Sauvant, M. Naves and M. Boval

14.00 Foraging behavior of Creole pigs kept outdoor under tropical conditions on sweet potatoes field
A. Burel, H. Archimède, M. Mahieu, A. Fanchone and J.-L. Gourdine

14.15 Relative bioavailability of tropical volcanic soil-bound chlordecone in farm animals
C. Jondreville, S. Jurjanz, A. Fournier, S. Lerch, M. Lesueur-Jannoyer, H. Archimede, M. Mahieu, C. Feidt and G. Rychen

14.30 Sustainable intensification of smallholder livestock production: fact and fiction
Invited H. Udo

15.15 Research issues for crop-livestock integration in mixed farming systems in the tropics: a review
F. Stark, H. Archimede and C.H. Moulin

15.30 Supporting crop-livestock farmers in redesigning their production systems: the CLIFS approach
P.Y. Le Gal, N. Andrieu, N. Cialdella, P. Dugué, E. Penot, C.H. Moulin, C. Monteil, F. Douhard and J. Ryschawy

16.15 Use of agroecological concepts to design a crop-livestock system adapted to the French West Indies
A. Fanchone, F. Stark, G. Alexandre, J.L. Diman, J.L. Gourdine, H. Ozier-Lafontaine, J. Sierra, R. Tournebize and H. Archimede

16.30 Diagnosing constraints to market participation of small ruminant producers in Northern Ghana
K. Amankwah, L. Klerkx and S.J. Oosting

16.45 How do pastoralists arbitrate between accumulation and sales of animals: a case study in Senegal
C. Manoli, C. Corniaux, B. Dedieu, A. Ickowicz and C.H. Moulin


Poster Session  07

Strategic maize supplementation in grazing goats does not increases the birth weight of the kids
E.S. Mendieta, J.A. Bustamante, J.L. Covarruvias, L.M. Cedillo, J. Loya-Carrera, S. Ramírez, J.A. Flores, J. Vielma, G. Duarte, G. Fitz-Rodríguez, I.G. Fernández, M. Bedos, A. Terrazas, J.A. Delgadillo and H. Hernandez

Impacts of a dual market on the relationship between dairy farmers and processors in Peruvian andes
E. Fuentes, G. Faure, E. Cortijo, E. De Nys, J. Bogue, C. Gómez, W. Mercado, C. Gamboa and P.-Y. Le Gal

Improving indonesia’s beef sector, how is policy implemented on farmer family level
S. Gayatri, M. Vaarst, M. Eilenberg and B. Guntoro

Effects of experimental infection and diet supplementation on meat Creole goat performances
W. Ceï, M. Mahieu, H. Archimède, J.C. Bambou, A. Hiol and G. Alexandre

Contamination of grazing ducks by chlordecone in Martinique
C. Jondreville, A. Lavigne, F. Clostre, S. Jurjanz and M. Lesueur-Jannoyer

Faecal near infrared spectroscopy to assess diet quality in tropical and temperate grassland
V. Decruyenaere, M. Boval, S. Giger-Reverdin, J.A. Fernández Pierna and P. Dardenne

Ex ante evaluation of several scenarios of crop-livestock systems of Guadeloupe using IMPACT®
A. Fanchone, F. Stark, J.L. Kelemen, J.L. Diman, H. Archimede and J.L. Gourdine

Milk composition and energy standardization of Arabian camel milk
R.S. Aljumaah, M. Ayadi, M.A. Alshaikh, R. Casals and G. Caja

Role of mobility to face long drought (1995-2011) in the Coastal Zone of Western Desert (Egypt)
V. Alary, A. Aboul-Naga, P. Bonnet, M. Osman and J.F. Tourrand