Session 08. Animal health and welfare free communications

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30 years of research on slaughter conditions of livestock in France: ex-post impact evaluation
Moulin,B. Ducreux, V. David and L. Clavel

Main animal welfare issues at transport and slaughter in Germany, according to stakeholders
Magner,C. Over, C. Gröner, J. Johns, A. Bergschmidt and U. Schultheiß

Deck height during transport of weaners – piglet height and microclimatic conditions inside trucks
Foldager,M. Kaiser, G. Chen, L.D. Jensen, J.K. Kristensen, C. Kobek-Kjeldager, K. Thodberg, L. Rong and M.S. Herskin

The metabolomic fingerprint of pigs’ exposure to acute stress
Morgan,R.I.D. Birkler, S. Shaham-Niv, Y. Dong, L. Carmi, T. Wachsman, B. Yakobson, H. Cohen, J. Zohar, M. Bateson and E. Gazit

Inter-observer repeatability of indicators of consciousness after waterbath stunning in turkeys
Contreras,A. Varvaró-Porter, V. Michel and A. Velarde

Using water pumps as an environmental enrichment method in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Martínez, A. De La Llave-Propín,J. De La Fuente, C. Pérez, M. Villarroel, M.T. Díaz, A. Cabezas, E. González De Chavarri and R. Bermejo-Poza

Oral stereotypes and abnormal interactions indicate animal welfare issues in fattening bulls
Spindler,N. Volkmann and N. Kemper

Prevalence of BRD-related viral pathogens in the upper respiratory tract of Swiss veal calves
Studer,L. Schönecker, M. Meylan, D. Stucki, R. Dijkman, M. Holwerda, A. Glaus and J. Becker

Comparing the impact of two dry cow therapy approaches on udder health
SilvaBolona and C. Clabby

Objective gait analysis in clinically lame dairy cows
Leclercq,J. Carlander, S. Andersson, M. Söderlind, N. Högberg, M. Rhodin, K. Ask, F. Serra Braganca and E. Hernlund

Hoof disinfectants for dairy cows: novel on-farm efficacy testing of footbath and spray application
M.A. Palmer, M.J. Garland and N.E. O’Connell

Simplified welfare assessment method for young bulls in pens
Cheype,M. El Jabri, B. Mounaix, C. Mindus, A. Aupiais, C. Dugué, L.-A. Merle and X. Boivin

High diversity of meat-producing wild game species in Europe – a One Health challenge
Maaz,A. Mader and M. Lahrssen-Wiederholt


Time profiles of energy balance in dairy cows and its relation to metabolic status and disease
Vossebeld,A.T.M. Van Knegsel and E. Saccenti

Veterinary advise and health management in bovine dairy farms from São Miguel Island (Azores)
Medeiros,A. Fernandez-Novo, J. Simões and S. Astiz

Most common reasons of the use of emergency slaughter in dairy farms: an Italian experience
Mazza,F. Fusi, V. Lorenzi, A. Vitali, A. Gregori, G. Clemente, C. Montagnin and L. Bertocchi

Impact of wing feather loss on muscle thickness and keel bone fracture in laying hens
Garant,B. Tobalske, N. Bensassi, N. Van Staaveren, D. Tulpan, T. Widowski, D. Powers and A. Harlander

A diagnostic chart to classify bovine rumen lesions at slaughter
A.M. Du Preez, L. Prozesky, C.J.L. Du Toit and M. Faulhaber

Effect of a phytobiotic blend to Cryptosporidium control in calves
Olvera-García,V. Cordova, L.R. Pérez, J.C. Baltazar and G. Villar-Patiño

Effects of environmental enrichment on flesh quality in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
De La Llave-Propín, A. Martínez-Villalba,R. Bermejo-Poza, J. De La Fuente, E. González De Chávarri, C. Pérez, M.T. Díaz, A. Cabezas and M. Villarroel

Coping style: standardization of the net test
DeLa Llave-Propín, R. Bermejo-Poza, J. De La Fuente, E. González De Chávarri, C. Pérez, F. Torrent and M. Villarroel

Herd of origin of purchased calves may influence clinical scoring and performance until weaning
A.K. Andreassen, C. Juhl, M.B. Jensen and M. Vestergaard

Practices and attitudes for the record of veterinary treatments in beef farming
Royer,S. Ferrer Diaz and A. Dayonnet

A study on colostrum quality and passive immunity transfer in dairy farms of Barcelos municipality
Cunha,A. Torres, J. Almeida, S. Silva, H. Trindade and M. Gomes

Long-term antibody production and viremia of American mink challenged with Aleutian
A.H. Farid, I. Hussain, P.P. Rupasinghe, J. Steohen and I. Arju

Using infrared thermography imaging to assess cattle welfare using eye temperature as indicator
Valentim,C. Venâncio and S. Silva