Session 08. Feeds and feed evaluation for ruminants (nitrogen utilization by ruminants symposium)

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Date: 27 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Broderick

Theatre Session

Minimal nitrogen loss by dairy cattle, theory versus practice
Van Vuuren, A.M., Dijkstra, J. and Reynolds, C.K.

A technique to quantify metabolites of the purine and also of the pyrimidine metabolism
Stentoft, C. and Vestergaard, M.

Group separation of feedstuffs improves prediction of degradability parameters by NIRS
Foskolos, A., Albanell, E., Chrenkova, M., Calsamiglia, S. and Weisbjerg, M.R.

Prediction of CP content and rumen degradability by Fournier transform infrared spectroscopy
Belanche, A., Allison, G.G., Newbold, C.J., Weisbjerg, M.R. and Moorby, J.M.

Application of modelling to improve N utilization in cattle
Ellis, J.L., France, J., Bannink, A. and Dijkstra, J.

A revised amino acid model for the liver of the lactating dairy cow
Ellis, J.L., France, J., Bannink, A. and Dijkstra, J.

A protein binding agent decreases the in vitro rate of fermentation of protein meals
Dunshea, F.R., Russo, V.M. and Leury, B.J.

Influence of hydrothermic processing of cereals on their nutritive value in ruminants
Chrenková, M., Formelová, Z., Poláčiková, M., Čerešňáková, Z., Weisbjerg, M.R. and Chrastinová, Ľ.

Postruminal digestibility of crude protein in maize and grass silages in dairy cows
Ali, M., Van Duinkerken, G., Weisbjerg, M.R., Cone, J.W. and Hendriks, W.H.

Relationship between chemical composition and rumen degradation characteristics of grass silages
Ali, M., Cone, J.W., Van Duinkerken, G. and Hendriks, W.H.

Applying knowledge of AA metabolism to maximize N-efficiency of the dairy cow: the case of histidine
Lapierre, H., Hristov, A.N., Lee, C. and Ouellet, D.R.


Poster Session 

Effects of Brown-midrib corn silage on dry matter intake, milk yield and composition in dairy cows
Gorniak, T., Meyer, U., Lebzien, P. and Dänicke, S.

Effect of deactivation of tannins of pistachio hull by PolyethyleneGlycol on gas production in vitro
Rahimi, A., Naserian, A., Shahdadi, A. and Saremi, B.

Effect of cellooligosaccharide feeding on growth performance and hormone concentrations in calves
Kushibiki, S., Shingu, H., Moriya, N., Kobayashi, H. and Yamaji, K.

The effects of some essential oils on rumen total bacteria and protozoa numbers
Boga, M., Kilic, U. and Gorgulu, M.

Use of odd-chain fatty acids to estimate the microbial protein synthesis
Chizzotti, M.L., Lopes, L.S., Busato, K.C., Rodrigues, R.T.S., Chizzotti, F.H.M. and Ladeira, M.M.

Diurnal excretion patterns of milk urea, urinary urea and urinary creatinine in dairy cows
Eriksson, T.

Effect of ruminally protected methionine on some blood serum metabolites in lactating Holstein cows
Kousary Moghaddam, M., Soleimani, A., Norouzi Ebdalabadi, M., Ahmadzadeh Bazzaz, B. and Khajeh Ghiassi, P.

Different rumen environments can cause different DM degradation profile of sainfoin
Khalilvandi Behroozyar, H., Rezayazdi, K. and Dehghan Banadaki, M.

Effect of rumen protected choline on some blood serum metabolites in early lactating Holstein cows
Ahmadzadeh Bazzaz, B., Soleimani, A., Norouzi Ebdalabadi, M. and Kousary Moghaddam, M.

Effects of dietary protein concentration on composition of exhaled air in dairy cows
Rustas, B.O., Öberg, M. and Lersten, K.

Deactivation of tannins affects metabolizable protein profile of sainfoin (Onobrychis vicifolia)
Khalilvandi Behroozyar, H., Dehghan Banadaki, M. and Rezayazdi, K.