Session 08. Genomic selection for small ruminants in Europe – how applicable for the rest of the world?

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Date: 29 August 2016; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: T. Ådnoy


Theatre Session 07

Genomic selection in sheep: where to now?
invited J. McEwan, K. Dodds, S. Rowe, R. Brauning and S. Clarke

The potential for genomic selection for small ruminants (SR) in developing countries
invited R. Mrode, G. Mekuriaw, J. Mwacharo and A. Djikeng

Implementation of single step genomic selection in UK dairy goats
invited S. Mucha, R. Mrode, M. Coffey, S. Desire, I. Maclaren-Lee and J. Conington

Practical challenges of implementing Genomic Selection and breeding British Texel Sheep
invited J. Yates

Implementation strategies for genomic selection in Norwegian sheep breeding
M. Lillehammer, A.K. Sonesson and T.H.E. Meuwissen


Genomic selection for a multi-breed sheep population in Ireland
invited N. McHugh, A. O’Brien, E. Wall, K. McDermott, T. Pabiou, S. Randles and D.P. Berry

Imputation of medium density genotypes from custom low density genotype panel in sheep
D.P. Berry, A. O’Brien, S. Randles, K. McDermott, E. Wall and N. McHugh

Sheep breeding, environmental and non genetic factors affecting lamb growth under low imput systems
I. Ben Abdallah and M. Djemali

Candidate mutation responsible for inherited skeletal developmental abnormalities in Cheviot sheep
O. Matika, M. Davey, J. Del-Pozo, H.A. Finlayson, C. Farquharson, D.J. Headon, J.W. Kijas, Z.H. Lu, L. McTeir, V. Riggio, J. Schoenebeck, T. Schwarz, K.A. Staines, J.A. Woolliams, A.L. Archibald and S.C. Bishop


Posters Sessions

Genetic parameters for breech strike indicator traits in South African merino sheep
A.J. Scholtz, S.W.P. Cloete, J.B. Van Wyk, J.J.E. Cloete and A.C.M. Kruger

Breeding value estimates of fertility traits in Swiss Red Engadine sheep
A. Burren, C. Gazzarin, K. Steiner, A. Spengler and H. Joerg

Association of the ACAA2 gene with dairy traits in Chios sheep
S. Symeou, A. Hager-Theodorides, A. Psifidi, O. Tzamaloukas, G. Banos and D. Miltiadou

Genotype concordance rate between Illumina and Affymetrix ovine genotype panels
D.P. Berry, E. Wall, A. O’Brien, K. McDermott, S. Randles, T. Pabiou, P. Flynn, S. Park, R. Weld, D. Kelly and N. McHugh

Runs of homozygosity profiles in five sheep breeds
D.C. Purfield, E. Wall and D.P. Berry

Genomic selection in Romanian indigenous sheep breeds: preliminary results
S.Z. Kusza, D.E. Ilie, M. Sauer, I. Patras and D. Gavojdian

Genomic study of horn morphology in Italian goat populations
A. Talenti, G. Rota, S. Frattini, B. Coizet, G. Minozzi, G. Pagnacco and P. Crepaldi

Influence of non-genetic factors in growth and reproductive traits of Santa Ines sheep
R.L. Aguirre, J.P. Eler, E.C. Mattos and J.B.S. Ferraz

Evaluation of the inbreeding effects in a small sheep population and reducing it by rotating rams
H. Khalfaoui and M. Djemali

Democratization of genomic tools to improve sheep productivity in developing countries
F. Gazbar, I. Ben Abdallah and M. Djemali

Novel phenotype management using molecular characterization in Prolific sheep ‘W’ line in Tunisia
S. Bedhiaf-Romdhani, B. Jemmali and Y. Ben Sassi

Inference of population structure of 16 sheep breeds using SNP genotype data
A.C. O’Brien, D. Purfield, N. McHugh, E. Wall, T. Pabiou, K. McDermott, S. Randles, S. Fair and D.P. Berry