Session 08. Pig and rabbit welfare

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 8.30 – 12.30
Chair: V. Ferrante

Theatre Session 08

Does the background matter: people’s perception of pictures of pigs in different farm settings
S. Gauly, M. Von Meyer-Höfer, A. Spiller and G. Busch

Farmers’ point of view towards the applicability of a guideline to assess animal welfare of pigs
M. Pfeifer, A. Koch and E.F. Hessel

Test-retest reliability of the Welfare Quality® protocol applied to sows and piglets
L. Friedrich, I. Czycholl, N. Kemper and J. Krieter

Reliability of different behavioural tests on growing pigs on-farm
I. Czycholl, S. Menke, C. Straßburg, K. Büttner and J. Krieter

Behavioural tests: suitable indicators for measuring the affective state of growing pigs?
K.L. Krugmann, F.J. Warnken, I. Czycholl and J. Krieter

Measuring the affective state in pigs: the role of immunoglobulin A
F.J. Warnken, K.L. Krugmann, I. Czycholl, R. Lucius, A. Tholey and J. Krieter

Effects of an intensified animal care on tail biting during the rearing period
K. Büttner, I. Czycholl, H. Basler and J. Krieter

Sow behaviour towards humans – an important trait in loose farrowing systems
J. Neu, N. Göres, J. Kecman, H. Swalve, B. Voß and N. Kemper

Modification of piglet behaviour and welfare by dietary antibiotic alternatives
S.Y.P. Parois, J.S. Johnson, B.T. Richert, S.D. Eicher and J.N. Marchant-Forde

The behaviour of low-risk and high-risk crushing sows in free-farrowing pens
C.G.E. Grimberg-Henrici, K. Büttner, O. Burfeind and J. Krieter

Individual feed intake during lactation as a trait to improve animal welfare
N. Göres, J. Neu, B. Voß and N. Kemper

Performance of rabbit does and litters kept collectively with different management or individually
M. Birolo, C. Zomeño, F. Gratta, A. Trocino, A. Zuffellato and G. Xiccato

Poster Session 08

The relationship between the status of pigs detained ante-mortem and their meat inspection outcome
D. Lemos Teixeira, J. Gibbons, A. Hanlon and L. Boyle

Pastured organic rabbit farming: growth of rabbits under different herbage allowance and quality
H. Legendre, G. Martin, J. Le Stum, H. Hoste, J.P. Goby and T. Gidenne

Effect of fattening management on animal welfare of Iberian pigs
J. García-Gudiño, A. Velarde-Calvo, M. Font-I-Furnols and I. Blanco-Penedo

Effects of a novel housing system for fattening rabbits on skin injuries, daily gain and hygiene
S.L. Rauterberg, J. Bill, N. Kemper and M. Fels

Early detection of tail biting from behavioural changes in finisher pigs
M.L.V. Larsen, H.M.-L. Andersen and L.J. Pedersen

Livestock animal welfare status and certification standard in Korea
J.Y. Lee, F. Leenstra, S.E. Woo, D.H. Lee, K.S. Kwon, J.H. Jeon, H.C. Choi and K.Y. Yang

Effect of the different parity on the lying behaviour of farrowing sows
K.Y. Yang, S.E. Woo, D.H. Lee, K.S. Kwon, H.C. Choi, J.H. Jeon and J.Y. Lee

Welfare of highly productive and native breeds of pigs kept in overstocked conditions
J. Walczak, W. Krawczyk, M. Pompa-Roborzyński and M. Sabady

Welfare indicators and gross pathological findings in euthanised pigs from hospital or home pens
J.A. Calderon Diaz, P. O’Kelly, A. Diana, M. MacElroy, E.G. Manzanilla, J. Moriarty, S. McGettrick and L.A. Boyle