Session 09. Animal health and welfare in loose housing and free range systems

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Date: 26 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:45 hours
Chairperson: Das

Theatre Session 09

08.30 Health and welfare of loose housed and free-range pigs
Invited H. Mejer

09.00 Similar farrowing progress among sows housed in crates and pens
J. Hales, V.A. Moustsen, A.M. Devreese and C.F. Hansen

09.15 Assessing fearfulness of gilts on farm: can QBA add information to standardised fear tests?
C. Pfeiffer, C. Leeb, A. Gutmann and C. Winckler

09.30 Health and welfare challenges for laying hens kept in free-range systems
Invited M. Gauly and G. Das

10.00 Suitability of egg-type cockerels for fattening purposes
F. Kaufmann and R. Andersson

10.45 Assessing the effect of grazing on dairy cow welfare – using a multi-dimensional welfare index
Invited T. Rousing, E. Burow, P.T. Thomsen and J.T. Sørensen

11.15 Variation factors of overall health score using Welfare Quality® protocol in French dairy herds
M. Coignard, R. Guatteo, I. Veissier, A. De Boyer Des Roches, L. Mounier, A. Lehebel and N. Bareille

11.30 Comparison of two types of salt licks located near or far the water: ingestion and cows behaviour
E. Knapp, A. Cheradome, T. Hetreau, L. Istasse, J.L. Hornick and I. Dufrasne

11.45 The epidemiology and treatment of subclinical ketosis in early lactation dairy cattle
J.A.A. McArt, D.V. Nydam and G.R. Oetzel

12.00 Can sheep learn the virtual fencing system NoFence using operant conditioning?
E.I. Brunberg, K.E. Bøe, G.H.M. Jørgensen and K.M. Sørheim

12.15 Comparing traditional and modern methods for Arabian camel identification
G. Caja, E. Díaz-Medina, S. Cabrera, O. Amann, O.H. Salama, M.H. El-Shafie, H. El-Sayed, A.A.K. Salama, R.S. Aljumaah, M. Ayadi and M.A. Alshaikh

12.30 Horses living in an enriched environment have better welfare and stronger relationships with humans
M. Valenchon, F. Lévy, C. Neveux and L. Lansade


Poster Session  09

The effect of feeding practise on behaviour in group-housed pregnant sows
M.E. Caille

Influence of free-range rearing on pig behaviour and carcass composition
V. Juskiene, R. Juska and R. Leikus

THI effect on the frequency of medical treatments of dairy cows in Central Europe
C. Sanker, C. Lambertz, S. Ammer and M. Gauly