Session 09. Grass based farming: all aspects

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Date: 25 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: A. de Veer

Theatre Session 09

14.00 Grassland for ruminant husbandry, international perspectives and globalisation
Invited F. Taube

14.30 Sustainability of grazing: effect of grazing on economy, environment and society
Invited A. Van Den Pol-Van Dasselaar

15.00 The ideal dairy cow for pasture-based production systems
Invited P. Dillon, D.P. Berry and P. French

15.30 Dairy system sustainability in relation to access to grazing: a case study
V. Decruyenaere, S. Herremans, M. Visser, A. Grignard, D. Jamar, S. Hennart and D. Stilmant


16.15 Carbon footprint of a typical grass-based beef production system in Chile
A. Hänsch and R. Larraín

16.30 Pasture-based dairy production systems in the United States
Invited S.P. Washburn

17.00 Grass based pasture dairy systems in the Mid-West: an overview
V.J. Haugen

17.15 Grassland use in South America and cow-calf system under pastoral conditions in Uruguay as a case
G. Quintans and G. Banchero

17.30 Enhancing the provision of ecosystem services by cattle grazing on a ski station
I. Casasús, A. Sanz and J.A. Rodríguez-Sánchez

17.45 Comparison of methods for estimating herbage intake in grazing dairy cows
A.L.F. Hellwing, P. Lund, M.R. Weisbjerg, F.W. Oudshoorn, L. Munksgaard and T. Kristensen


Poster Session  09

Nutritional management of transhumant sheep and goats at the region of Thessaly-Greece
A. Siasiou, V. Michas, I. Mitsopoulos, V. Bampidis, S. Kiritsi, V. Skapetas and V. Lagka

Different rotational stocking management on Brachiaria brizantha structural characteristics
M.L.P. Lima, E.G. Ribeiro, F.F. Simili, L.C. Roma Junior, J.M.C. Silveira, A. Giacomini and A.E. Versesi Filho

Effect of canola oil inclusion in the diet of dairy cows on fatty acids composition of milk
K.C. Welter, C.M.M.R. Martins, M.M. Martins, J.C.S. Souza, A.S.V.P. Palma and A. Saran Netto

A typology of transhumant sheep and goat farms in Greece
A. Ragkos, A. Siasiou, G. Galidaki and V. Lagka

Factors affecting profitability in the backgrounding of beef calves: a South African perspective
P.J. Fourie

Milk production, pasture intake and grazing behaviour of dairy cows in winter grazing
M. Ruiz-Albarrán, O.A. Balocchi and R.G. Pulido

Effect of dietary supplemental pomegranate extract on cryptosporidiosis in neonatal calves
S. Weyl-Feinstein, A. Markovics, M. Yshay, R. Agmon, I. Itzhaki, A. Orlov and A. Shabtay

Ruminal fermentation characteristics on dairy cows grazing during autumn
M. Ruiz-Albarrán, M. Cerda, M. Noro, O.A. Balocchi and R.G. Pulido

Evaluation of warm season grasses grown in a highly restricted soil of La Pampa, Argentina
S.S. Paredes, N.P. Stritzler, B.C. Lentz, A.A. Bono, R.R. Zapata, H.J. Petruzzi and C.M. Rabotnikof

The effect of feeding methods on performance, feeding behavior and oxidative stress in dairy calves
M. Boga, U. Kilic, M. Görgülü, S. Yurtseven and S. Göncü

Nutritional mitigation alternatives for GHG emissions for Latxa dairy sheep production system
C. Pineda-Quiroga, N. Mandaluniz, A. García-Rodríguez, E. Ugarte and R. Ruiz

Browsing frequency and milk fatty acids of goats foraging on open grassland and dense shrubland
M. Renna, G. Iussig, A. Gorlier, M. Lonati, C. Lussiana, L.M. Battaglini and G. Lombardi

Prediction of voluntary intake by the short term intake technique in warm-season grasses
F.M. Ingentron, S. Degiovanangelo, J. Melión, B.C. Lentz, C.M. Rabotnikof, N.P. Stritzler, N. Balzer and H.M. Arelovich

Grazing behaviour of small ruminants on diverse karst land vegetation
D. Bojkovski, I. Stuhec, D. Kompan and M. Zupan