Session 09. Healthy livestock production through responsible use of antimicrobials

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Date: 29 August 2016; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: E. Sossidou


Theatre Session 09

Advancement of Dairying in Austria (ADDA): Farmer surveys on mastitis, DCT, and antibiotic use
C.L. Firth, W. Obritzhauser, C. Egger-Danner and K. Fuchs

Prevalence of health and welfare conditions in growing pigs on a farm with high antibiotic usage
A. Diana, E.G. Manzanilla, J.A. Calderon Diaz, N. Leonard and L. Boyle

Phenotypic and genotypic identification of antibiotic resistance genes of staphylococci isolated fro
R. Saidi

Antibiotic and synthetic growth promoters in animal diets
M. Gonzalez Ronquillo, J.C. Angeles Hernadez and O.A. Castelan Ortega

Establishing a monitoring system for the use of antibiotics at animal level in Austria
W. Obritzhauser, M. Mayerhofer, C. Firth, K. Fuchs and C. Egger-Danner


Associations between mycobacterial purified protein derivative hypersensitivity and MAP ELISA
A.E. Kennedy, N. Byrne, J. O’Mahony and R.G. Sayers

Managing antibiotic use in the Netherlands
A. Kuipers and H. Wemmenhove

Chicken embryo lethality assay for determining the virulence of Enterococcus faecalis
A.E. Blanco, M. Barz, W. Icken, D. Cavero, A.R. Sharifi and M. Voss

On farm risks associated with the prevalence of resistant strains of Escherichia Coli: A pilot study
A. Xexaki, E. Sossidou, G. Filioussis and E. Petridou

Effects of antibiotic prophylaxis on the gut microbiome and performance of growing broiler chicks
A.A. Tonks, M.J. Woodward and C. Rymer