Session 09. How can we tip the balance between market and non-market outputs from livestock farming systems

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Date: 31 August 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: M. Zehetmeier/C. Ligda

Theatre Session 09

Multifunctionality of the farm animal genetic resources seen through ecosystem services approach
Invited K. Soini

Value of ecosystem services provided by livestock systems in HNV farmland: a psychographic analysis
T. Rodriguez-Ortega, A. Bernues and F. Alfnes

Stakeholders’ expectations about services provided by livestock farming systems at territory scale
C.H. Moulin, C. Aubron, J. Lasseur, M. Napoleone and M.O. Nozieres

The cultural value of local livestock breeds: a review
G. Gandini, S.J. Hiemstra and I. Hoffmann


Ecosystem services provided by livestock species and breeds – a global view
Invited I. Hoffmann, T. From, S.J. Hiemstra and G. Gandini

Enhancing actors’ coordination and collective action within the supply chain at local level
Invited F. Casabianca

Dairy farms in mountainous areas: synergies and conflicts between production and non-market outputs
E. Sturaro, G. Bittante and M. Ramanzin

Small ruminant grazing, vegetation and landscaping
P. Nowakowski, R. Bodkowski and K. Czyż

The importance of sheep in the Carpathian region
M. Milerski