Session 09. Impact of farm technology on nutrition and feeding strategies

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Date: 29 August 2011; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: De Koning

Theatre Session 09

  • Prospects for a regional feed centre
    Galama, P.J.
  • e-Cow: a web-based animal model that predicts herbage intake, milk yield and live weight change in dairy cows at grazing
    Baudracco, J., Lopez-Villalobos, N., Holmes, C.W., Comeron, E.A., Macdonald, K.A. and Barry, T.N.
  • Including rapeseed in the concentrate of grazing dairy cows improves nutritional quality of milk
    Prestløkken, E., Storlien, T.M., Helberg, A., Galmeus, D. and Harstad, O.M.
  • Including rapeseed in the concentrate of grazing dairy cows lowers enteric methane production
    Storlien, T.M., Beauchemin, K., Mcallister, T., Prestløkken, E., Helberg, A., Galmeus, D., Risdal, M. and Harstad, O.M.
  • Effect of the feed allowance level on the growth performance of boars vaccinated against gonadotrophin-releasing factor, using ImprovacTM, and consequence on nutritional requirements after the second injection
    Quiniou, N., Monziols, M., Colin, F., Goues, T. and Courboulay, V.

Poster Session 09