Session 09. Nutrition and fertility of cattle

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Impact of nutritional changes pre and post breeding on reproduction
K.M. Epperson and G.A. Perry

Maternal nutrition during gestation and its consequences to beef offspring performance
Moriel,J.M.B. Vendramini and R.F. Cooke

Supplementing omega-6 fatty acids to enhance early embryonic development and pregnancy establishment
R.F. Cooke

Nutritional influences on reproductive performance of Bos indicus beef cows
J.L.M. Vasconcelos

Phenotypic and genetic variation in reproductive development and semen traits in young Holstein bull
Coen,K. Keogh, C. Byrne, S. Fair, J.M. Sanchez, M. McDonald, P. Lonergan and D.A. Kenny

Maternal and paternal factors driving pregnancy loss
K.G. Pohler

Forage planning for heifers and cows


Resumption of ovarian cyclicity in post partum native beef cows
R.M.L.N. Pereira, R. Romão, C.C. Marques, F. Ferreira, E. Bettencourt, L. Capela, J. Pimenta, M.C. Abreu, J. Pais, P. Espadinha, N. Carolino and C. Bovmais

Effects of maternal undernutrition in late gestation on uterine haemodynamics in suckler cows
LópezDe Armentia, A. Noya, J. Ferrer, P. Gómez-Ochoa, I. Casasús and A. Sanz

Immunocastration buffers changes in blood biochemistry markers in fallow deer fed low level nutrient
Ny,T. Needham, L. Bartoň, D. Bureš, R. Kotrba, A.S. Musa and F. Ceacero